Secrets of Prosperity #1

Prosperity Secret: Never Dam Up the Flow of Your Energy

waterfall of prosperity when you do not obstruct the flowThe possession of money itself does not make a person better or worse. Not at all. Money—like every talent and gift of God—is responsibility. And when you have a great deal of money or even a little money, it is a form of prosperity that should not be dammed up like the Dead Sea.

The River Jordan flows down toward the Dead Sea and empties into it, but there is absolutely no outlet in the Dead Sea. This has been used a lot in Sunday schools to illustrate certain spiritual laws. Whenever you have anything that continually takes in and never gives out, it’s a symbol of death or stagnation because there is no flow and there is no movement.

Blood flows through the whole body and returns through the heart for oxygenation in the lungs. We all know that’s basic physiology. But here’s something that’s almost frightening: the moment you dam up an artery, you really have trouble.

Now, you may wonder why I'm bringing this up. Quite a few ladies, and men, too, have had varicose veins. Doctors can perform an operation for varicose veins where they tie off certain vessels and just stop the flow of blood.

One book written by a doctor who exposes some of the malpractices in hospitals and in the medical profession tells about a woman who had this operation. Two days after the doctor tied this blood vessel off she noticed that her toes were becoming very painful and inflamed. Then she noticed they were turning dark and discolored, and then her whole foot turned discolored. Well, when she went back to the doctor it was too late, and she lost her foot completely. It turned gangrenous because there was no flow of blood into her foot.

I think very few people realize how beautifully nature works to keep our blood flowing through our system. Well, prosperity is just as natural to the children of God as the flow of blood. And one of the Masters' secrets of prosperity is that they always let go and never dam up the flow of their energy. Businessmen do the same thing, in a way, by investing and reinvesting their capital.

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