Secret of Prosperity #2

Secret of Prosperity #2

Prosperity Secret: Give Ten Percent of Yourself to God

Another secret of prosperity is to give ten percent of yourself to God. There is no law that says you can’t give more, but I think to give less is to deplete the seed.

Abraham Melchizedek  titheGiving a tenth is what is known as a tithe. Today I received a revelation concerning the word tithe. I didn't hear it as tithe. I heard it as “tie thee”. The ten percent is the portion of the divine talent that becomes a seed to tie you to your God Presence, to God, the Great Source, so that the next cycle of the decimal system will grow. It's the zero, you see. You come one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and then you “tie thee”—tie thee to the Presence.

“Tie thee” means a tie, a link, a union with your Source, the source of your supply. And by giving that tenth, you are planting the seed that makes your supply grow into the next cycle. If you deny it to God, you actually don't gain at all. By holding it back you lose, because you don't have any seed to make it grow in the next cycle.

There is a successful construction machinery man who made a compact with God to give away ten percent of all that he had when he was a young man. This man has a huge family and he travels all over the United States working for God. He pays far more attention to God's business than he does to his machinery business. And his machinery business is so big today that it's a tremendous industry. He has always used this secret of prosperity of giving the seed. As a result, his supply has just multiplied and multiplied and multiplied, because the law has continued to work for him.

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