Community – Unity in Action!

Community – Unity in Action!

A Journey to the Heart of Spiritual Community

An essential ingredient to sustaining any worthwhile movement, purpose or cause is a supportive community.

Community, in turn, is absolutely dependent upon cooperation. And this cooperation is continuously reinforced by the strength of a shared overriding purpose and a commitment to fulfilling this purpose.

But not all communities behave the same.

When a community is united by a common goal, it is strong. However, one that does not understand or agree on its overarching goal and common principles is doomed to fragmentation and failure. Positive, united cooperation is the gateway to brotherhood.

And the ongoing viability and strength of this brotherhood is measured very simply: how well the common mission is being accomplished.

The ascended masters have long stressed the essential importance of community as the foundation of their mission to promote spiritual opportunity for the soul’s enlightenment and eventual ascension.

Community building

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Community – A Journey to the Heart of Spiritual Community

Community by Elizabeth Clare ProphetIn every age the great spiritual teachers have established their communities – Gautama Buddha and his sangha, Jesus and his disciples, Saint Francis and his brothers.

In Community, Elizabeth Clare Prophet draws on the New Era Community teachings of El Morya and her many years of experience as a leader of a spiritual community to present examples of the challenges and joys of applying universal principles of community in the real world.

“I wish to bring you a deeper understanding of the meaning of the flame of community. It is the flame of the Holy Spirit, hence it is the flame of love. The figure-eight flow of love that stands between the guru and the chela contains the entire community, and it contains the worldwide community of the unascended chelas of the Great White Brotherhood.” – Elizabeth Clare Prophet

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