Online Radio: Become Your Highest Self

Online Radio: Become Your Highest Self

Connect to Your Higher Self

chela on the path to the highest selfWhen we speak of our spiritual journey, we often talk about the Higher Self. We understand that we each have one, and our relationship with that Higher Self is perhaps the most important relationship we will ever have! That’s because our Higher Self is, quite literally, our direct connection to God. But when you think about it, God is much more than our Higher Self. God is our Highest Self!

Become the God Your Were Meant to Be

In truth, as we learn and advance in our spiritual awareness, we come to the realization that we are all gods in becoming! And what an awesome reality this is! But how do we make this reality real in our day-to-day lives?

You are a New Mystic
And Your Path Continues Here

In our age and time, the new mystics among us seek a true and lasting connection with God…even while living a busy life in modern society. So what is our spiritual anatomy? How do we turn that “sense” of God awareness within us into an ongoing reality? How do we tune in to our higher reality – and hold on to it! – in the modern world?

Looking for answers? Let’s talk.

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