Online Radio: Free Will – The Power to Choose

Online Radio: Free Will – The Power to Choose

The Power to Create

God has given us a tremendous gift: Free Will. We know this. Most of us learned about it when we were little. But do we understand the full impact of what this gift really is, what it means and what comes with it?

Free Will Must Be Harnessed Wisely

Free will is a powerful thing, because with free will we create! And through our creations, we dictate the dimensions of our lives. That’s because every choice we freely make comes with a consequence. Karma! You see, every act, word, motive and deed requires the use of God’s energy to bring it into manifestation. No exceptions.

Don’t Blame the Hammer for a Bent Nail

Again, free will is a powerful tool. And as with any powerful tool, learning to use it properly is the epitome of wisdom. You can’t blame the hammer if you bend a nail. You must learn to use the tool in the right way. How do you do that? Learn from the pros! The ascended masters are just that…masters! And among the many things they’ve mastered is the correct use of free will. They’ve also got powerful, practical techniques for dissolving the karma we’ve made by misusing free will. Choose to join us live this Tuesday for more.

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