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Keys to Overcoming Obstacles

By forgetting yourself, you become the whirling sun of Mighty Victory, the acceleration of the sun flame of Victory and you keep on drawing down that energy from your God Presence.

God Is Life

Oct 21 Online Radio: God is Life. Operating from the Truth that Life originates with God and from God, we realize the necessity of a deep and profound respect for the sanctity of Life.

Armageddon – The Battle Has Begun

Oct 7 Online Radio: There is a war raging – on the outcome of which hangs the fate of worlds. We know it as Armageddon. It is here! This is certainly cause for concern, but not despair.

You Are Already a Student on the Path

Sept 30 Online Radio: You Are Already a Student on the Path. Ready for a life-long course in self-mastery? You’d better be, because your soul already signed you up!

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