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A Timely Christmas Gift – SU Online Courses

Give yourself the best Christmas gift ever: Summit University Online. These courses will transform your life, deepen your self-knowledge and accelerate your spiritual path.

Online Radio – Terrorism, A War on the Light

Nov 4 Online Radio – Terrorism is the face of absolute evil. Its purpose is to extract maximum light from its victims. Do not surrender your light or your freedom.

Online Radio – The Journey Without Distance

October 28 Online Radio – There is a divine spark within you. It is your Threefold Flame, a sacred gift from God’s own heart…making you a living transformer of love.

Keys to Overcoming Obstacles

By forgetting yourself, you become the whirling sun of Mighty Victory, the acceleration of the sun flame of Victory and you keep on drawing down that energy from your God Presence.

Violet Flame to Heal Body, Mind & Soul!

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