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Only you can create change for the better, treading the spiritual path and achieving your own victory.

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Whether your way be that of Christ or Buddha, the law of Moses or the wisdom of Confucius, Maitreya or Krishna, the love of Saint Francis or Mother Mary, Kuan Yin or Kali, at The Summit Lighthouse you will find true tracings of their footprints on a path to take you home.

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Mark Prophet, founder of The Summit LighthouseThe wisdom of the spiritual revolutionaries of the ages—the Teachings of the Ascended Masters—form the guidance taught by Mark Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet and published through the books, CDs and DVDs of The Summit Lighthouse.

The Summit Lighthouse offers assistance for your spiritual trek—a lift out of a rut, a map for the most direct route, and encouragement to continue on.

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Angels videos by Elizabeth Clare ProphetSeven Archangels and the Angels Video Series

Watch the streaming video of the Angels lecture series by Elizabeth Clare Prophet and learn how to work with Archangel Michael and the seven archangels.

Teachings of the Ascended Masters Violet Flame karma and reincarnation Becoming the Christ and the Buddha Ascended masters and the chohans of the seven rays Angels and the seven archangels Prayers, meditation and decrees Human aura and the chakras Twin flames, soul mates and true love family and spirituality

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