The Karmic Ties that Free

The Karmic Ties that Free

So then, where are the stalwart ones, where are the builders, where are the pioneers who will have the courage to enter the canyons of New York City and Chicago and all of the great cities of America and the world? Onward, marching, marching come the angels of light! They come then to announce to souls of Morya: “Now take flight in the eagle wings of Sirius! Follow the light of the new day! Follow the light of the seventh ray!”

Violet Flame to Free Souls Tied to Us

Now understand why I say that there is a need for greater and greater intensification of the light of the violet flame. For the light of the violet flame is clearing a way, carving a tunnel, into the depths of the astral. Why are we carving a tunnel? Because there be some souls in the darkness this night who have heard the decrees of the students, who have called out to God: “Save me, O my God! For I would come forth from the depths of darkness and I would join the decreers on Terra!”

So your calls are echoing through the planes of Mater! And so we say, keep on keeping on! Keep on invoking the violet flame! For there are souls in the corridors of memory whom you have known long, long ago; and some of these souls are tied to you by love and others by karma and others by the imbalance of injustice.

They are tugging on your garments; and you will find, as you attempt to ascend to the heights of the mountains, that the souls tugging in the large cities of the world will pull you back even as they pulled back Gautama from nirvana. Back he came, the Enlightened One. He could not stay in meditation in the holy of holies; but he returned from out the Great Silence to answer the call of souls—souls yearning to be free, souls having an awareness of a destiny and seeing the enlightened ones climbing to the summit of life.

Remember then the words of Jesus to Peter, who said unto him: “Quo vadis? Where are you going, Lord?” And unto him, the chela of the Christ, the Lord declared, “I go to Rome to be crucified again, to be placed on the cross of white fire.” And Peter knew that his Lord could be crucified only through him, only through his sacrifice of that human will, that stubbornness, that rebellion against the diamond of the will of God.

And back he went—back to the home of light, back to that center—to be crucified for his Lord. And that sacrifice of the one chosen to be the Vicar of Christ is the rock upon which the Church is built. Each time a soul sacrifices the lesser self to the greater cause of world good will, upon that rock we build. We build unto the stars; we connect souls in the depths of darkness to the star of the I AM Presence.

Assignment from Saint Germain

Let the light of souls then be known. And let it be known that the chelas of Saint Germain have the assignment, as their initiation in the seventh ray, to meet the public, to meet the world, to meet the people—the displaced persons, the pure sons and daughters of God—to meet them in the cities and in the country, in the highways and the byways, to talk to the children of the light and to talk to the children of the One.

And so you will find that Saint Germain will demand proof that you have been a chela of Morya—not a carrying card and not a badge, but proof, invincible proof, that the will of God is the diamond fiery core of the precipitation of the holy amethyst, of the violet flame that is freedom shooting forth from centers of light.

Now let us see how you will rescue mankind from their plight!

Excerpted from El Morya's November 23, 1975 dictation, “The Precipitation of the Diamond of the Will of God” published in The Greater Way of Freedom.

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