Love Must Be the Cure

Love Must Be the Cure

This post is an excerpt of the 1993 dictation by Paul the Venetian, Love: The Age-old Solution published in Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 36 No. 3.

Love must be the cure in this opening of the new year with new opportunity. Therefore, at the focus of the threefold flame in the obelisk in Washington,1 in the heart of the Temple of the Sun over Manhattan2–wherever there is the living flame of Love on the altars of the retreats of the Brotherhood throughout the earth, there Love is magnified, magnified by holy angels and saints above and those who gather at the throne of Sanat Kumara.

I AM your brother Paul the Venetian. So I have come with the solution, the age-old solution to all divisions, dichotomies and all that divides one from another or the members of the individual. [And that solution is Love.]

Let Love, then, be the dividing of the way of Light and Darkness, for the two cannot coexist. Let your invocation of Love, O my beloved, be for the drawing forth of the flame of the Holy Spirit through the Lord the Maha Chohan–yes, Love in government, Love in the economy, Love that is in such an intensity of concentration in your heart that it can truly break the stranglehold of the money beast upon the nations and of greed itself.

Oh, such Love, beloved!  It is of the heart of Christ in you. And it is the Love that can indeed heal many flaws, many cleavages in the earth.

Contemplate Love. Defend Love!  And begin to depend on the great power of Love for the resolution of many things.

Oh, I would that you would spend a full sixty minutes in giving the decrees of Divine Love 3 so that you might sense not only the power of Love but all that is arrayed against the Love that is God’s and which God releases through the newborn babe and in your hearts in love for one another, in love for the things of God and the ways of God and the path of God.

Many do not embrace this path of Love’s devotion because of the challenges of evil spirits who come to destroy Love by all manner of amplification of elements in the psyche and the mind. And therefore, to be a master on the path of Love is to be whole, is to seal one’s aura, is to expand the heart and be fearless before any force of Antichrist that seeks to tear the child, the mature one from the infinite flow of Divine Love, from the manifestation of that Christhood which is Love.

So, my beloved, Love goes abegging in the world and has many substitutes. But the Love of which I speak is a Love that you may keep if you are willing to give all of yourself to it and, as one has said, to not be offended by the assailants of Love. The greater the Love in your aura, the greater the protection you need.

I bid you, then, come to my fount of Love as you follow the meditations within the Sacred Ritual of Transport and Holy Work4 that you might arrive at the Washington Monument, the gathering place of devotees who pronounce the Ashram rituals and go forth at night for the healing [of souls] and for the defense of little ones.

Yes, Love is pressing in upon the nations.

And what do you think the effect will be?

I tell you, it is the treading of the winepress. Yes, beloved, Love is the element of God that forces out the anger of anti-Love, and therefore Love wreaks havoc in the earth.

Know, then, precious hearts, that Love is truly the initiation that I offer. And I give Love in my vast school, where devotees come and use the medium of art to paint that which is within, that which is the beautiful, that which is the pain and the record and, of course, to perfect the masterpiece that each one of you is working on–the drawing of yourself made in the image and likeness of your Holy Christ Self.5

To continue reading the entire Pearl by Paul the Venetian, go to Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 36 No. 3 from January 17, 1993.

1. Focus of the threefold flame in the obelisk in Washington. In a dictation given September 30, 1962, the Ascended Master K-17 announced: “There has been held a beautiful and wonderful session at Chananda’s retreat in India and a decision was made on the part of beloved Paul the Venetian whereby there was transferred from his retreat in France this day, at the hour of eleven o’clock your time, the full pulsation of the great Liberty Flame. This flame was permanently placed within the forcefield of the Washington Monument; and the pulsations of the Liberty Flame are intended to grace the heart of America as a gift from the Brotherhood and from the heart of beloved Paul the Venetian….It is given as a treasure from the heart of France, from the spiritual government of France to the spiritual government of America….The Liberty Flame is a gift of greater magnitude than the former gift of France, the Statue of Liberty, as a tribute to that great being, the Goddess of Liberty. It is incomparable, for the flame itself shall penetrate the structure of the monument, rising high into the atmosphere above it; and all who visit there shall become, even without knowing it, infused by the pulsations of the Liberty Flame within the heart of America.” (The Liberty Flame is another name for the threefold flame.) See Lords of the Seven Rays: Mirror of Consciousness, Book One, pp. 132-33.

2. Liberty Flame in the heart of the Temple of the Sun over Manhattan. The Temple of the Sun is the retreat of the Goddess of Liberty on the etheric plane over Manhattan, New York. The Goddess of Liberty focuses the flame of Liberty (the threefold flame) on the central altar, which is surrounded by twelve shrines dedicated to the twelve hierarchies of the Sun.

3. The decrees of Divine Love are printed in the pink section of Prayers, Meditations and Dynamic Decrees for the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness.

4. The Sacred Ritual for Transport and Holy Work (Ashram Ritual 5) assists the soul in performing world service while out of the body during the hours of rest. See Ashram Notes, pp. 41-59; or Ashram Rituals booklet, pp. 33-34, 39-52.

5. Opportunity to draw the image of your Holy Christ Self. In a dictation on October 14, 1974, Paul the Venetian invited us to his retreat in southern France, the Château de Liberté. Beloved Paul said: “I will take you by the hand and show you my castle. I will show you the works of art that have been brought forth by chelas unascended and ascended. And we will go through many rooms, and lastly I will take you to the room where there is that frame that hangs. In some cases it will be an empty frame, in some cases it will have a canvas in it. It will be your frame, the frame of your identity waiting for you to bring forth the genius of your soul. And when you see that frame, if it is empty, you will want to fill it. And so I will take you to that place, ‘The Atelier,’ where you can work with other artisans who are learning the art of living Love by the discipline of the hand and the discipline of expression so that you can draw the image of your own Christ-perfection. And when it is the best that you have to offer, it will be placed in your frame. And when you come again before that frame after many months of purging and self-purification, you will say undoubtedly, ‘Beloved Paul, may I have another opportunity to express my Christhood, to draw the image of myself? For I have perceived a new aspect of that image, and I would like to have this, my best offering, now placed in my frame.’ And, of course, you will have the opportunity.” See Paul the Venetian, “The Art of Living Love,” in Lords of the Seven Rays: Mirror of Consciousness, Book Two, pp. 112-13.

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