Pearls of Wisdom

Vol 36, No. 3 - Beloved Paul the Venetian - January 17, 1993


The Dawning of Your God Reality

Love:  The Age-old Solution
I AM the Resurrection and the Life
of the Spirit of My Lord and Saviour in My Heart This Day

I Offer the Initiation of Love:
Take the Key to the Great Heart of the Lord God


Shafts of Divine Love descend. And within and upon them, behold!  angels of the living flame of Love.

Love must be the cure in this opening of the new year with new opportunity. Therefore, at the focus of the threefold flame in the obelisk in Washington, <1>in the heart of the Temple of the Sun over Manhattan <2>–wherever there is the living flame of Love on the altars of the retreats of the Brotherhood throughout the earth, there Love is magnified, magnified by holy angels and saints above and those who gather at the throne of Sanat Kumara.

I AM your brother Paul the Venetian. So I have come with the solution, the age-old solution to all divisions, dichotomies and all that divides one from another or the members of the individual. [And that solution is Love.]

Let Love, then, be the dividing of the way of Light and Darkness, for the two cannot coexist. Let your invocation of Love, O my beloved, be for the drawing forth of the flame of the Holy Spirit through the Lord the Maha Chohan–yes, Love in government, Love in the economy, Love that is in such an intensity of concentration in your heart that it can truly break the stranglehold of the money beast upon the nations and of greed itself.

Oh, such Love, beloved!  It is of the heart of Christ in you. And it is the Love that can indeed heal many flaws, many cleavages in the earth.

Contemplate Love. Defend Love!  And begin to depend on the great power of Love for the resolution of many things.

Oh, I would that you would spend a full sixty minutes in giving the decrees of Divine Love <3> so that you might sense not only the power of Love but all that is arrayed against the Love that is God’s and which God releases through the newborn babe and in your hearts in love for one another, in love for the things of God and the ways of God and the path of God.

Many do not embrace this path of Love’s devotion because of the challenges of evil spirits who come to destroy Love by all manner of amplification of elements in the psyche and the mind. And therefore, to be a master on the path of Love is to be whole, is to seal one’s aura, is to expand the heart and be fearless before any force of Antichrist that seeks to tear the child, the mature one from the infinite flow of Divine Love, from the manifestation of that Christhood which is Love.

So, my beloved, Love goes abegging in the world and has many substitutes. But the Love of which I speak is a Love that you may keep if you are willing to give all of yourself to it and, as one has said, to not be offended by the assailants of Love. The greater the Love in your aura, the greater the protection you need.

I bid you, then, come to my fount of Love as you follow the meditations within the Sacred Ritual of Transport and Holy Work <4> that you might arrive at the Washington Monument, the gathering place of devotees who pronounce the Ashram rituals and go forth at night for the healing [of souls] and for the defense of little ones.

Yes, Love is pressing in upon the nations.

And what do you think the effect will be?

I tell you, it is the treading of the winepress. Yes, beloved, Love is the element of God that forces out the anger of anti-Love, and therefore Love wreaks havoc in the earth.

Know, then, precious hearts, that Love is truly the initiation that I offer. And I give Love in my vast school, where devotees come and use the medium of art to paint that which is within, that which is the beautiful, that which is the pain and the record and, of course, to perfect the masterpiece that each one of you is working on–the drawing of yourself made in the image and likeness of your Holy Christ Self. <5>

Therefore, let art be for healing–every form of art that is lawful. Let the art of the spoken Word, the word of mantra, of profound devotion also be for the healing of the heart.

The expression of the soul through the movement of the trained eye and hand, this, then, brings satisfaction. There is art that is drama and music. There is so much that can be offered to people of all ages, whether in sculpture or the art of design or the art of creating all things that adorn the homes, the walls, the hangings–architecture itself. Art, beloved, allows the great cube, the white cube of self, to take on dimension, quality and a foundation for the soul’s rising.

Do not neglect this form, then.

Do not neglect the art of moving with angels, commanding legions and directing forces of Love for healing.

Do not neglect the art of entering in to a level slightly beyond the physical where you find Nature spirits–sylphs and gnomes, undines of the waters, fiery salamanders.

Do not neglect the art of using the magnet of Love of the Central Sun to magnetize these workers in the vineyard of the Father-Mother God and in your own gardens–to magnetize them back to the centeredness of being whereby under your tutelage and that of the Ascended Masters they may earn a threefold flame and thereby have eternal Life. <6>

Lo, the gift of the resurrection has been given unto them by the Saviour. <7> Now teach them the mantra of the Saviour’s Love:  I AM the Resurrection and the Life of the Spirit of my Lord and Saviour in my heart this day! <8>

You would do well to also give this mantra that is given for elementals. For you must remember:  by anger released you can in a moment easily snuff out [the flame of] the candle that you have nurtured in the heart.

Thus, beloved, atone this night for all outbursts of condemnation and anger you have had even through the Christmas season, throughout the years, the decades of this life. This is the hour to come to terms with this, beloved, for that anger is death to the soul on the Path and it must be consumed.

I hold in my hand, therefore, the torch of the Goddess of Liberty. And in this hour, the fire is the rose-pink and Ruby-Ray flame in swirls and undulations of Love’s great power. Love’s great power comes to you, then, as my angels and the angels of my mother, the Goddess of Liberty, come to you now.

Receive this Love fire for the consuming of those levels of anger which, if they are not consumed, which, if you do not make the resolution in this hour, will surely remove you from the opportunity for the ascension in this life.

Go not the way of the angry generation! Go not the way of the fallen angels, who have not Love and substitute for it their intellectual prowess, a brilliance that is dull by comparison to the sheen of the wings of the tiniest angel you might discover.

Blessed hearts, the angry ones are out to tear you from your Love tryst in God. Do not allow it!  Let Love for you be a humbling experience that you might be endowed with Love.

You are potentially the chalice of the Holy Grail. Let the outline of the grail that I draw upon you in all dimensions this night be, then, as a hologram for that grail that you fill in.

Yes, beloved, I fill the chalice with Love. And I say, drink ye all of it! <9> Let Love lead you and guide you to the depths and heights of being, to the fulfillment of holy purpose, to the completion of the rounds in this century.

Think now–seven years and the door of this century shall close. What will you have to say for those seven years?  What shall the new day bring and the conclusion of the year 2002?

Yes, beloved, cycles are moving swiftly onward. Those who do not have a hold on the torch of Love–yes, mighty Love–may not see the way of the soul’s perfecting.

Let Love light your way each day!  And remember the one who originally kindled Love in the earth, your Lord Sanat Kumara, [who came] bringing not only the physical fire again but the spiritual fire that none had retained. Oh, think of this, beloved, and be grateful for the Flame behind the flame that you hold!

Now then, know that I speak to you under the disciplines of the Holy Spirit. This is a year to intensify that strictness with yourself whereby the power of Love may come to you and not leave you again.

How long, how long has it been since you have held the torch of Love in your hand?  How long has it been since Liberty could trust you to hold that torch?

Love will try you and pummel you, sift you, grind you to powder. <10> But, beloved, Love will not leave you as it has found you but pour you into Love’s own mold, the pattern of the loving, adorable Christ.

Oh yes, beloved, Love is the highest and most difficult calling. Love flees so quickly in a moment’s indiscretion.

Let Love, then, come. Let it come to the nations!  Let the people of Love in the heart of the earth know that upon them depends the victory of the violet flame and the resolution of the money systems. These are not as they should be, and the manipulations and the hoarding take from the people that which is theirs.

How is it that that which is your own can be taken from you by those who have no Light at all?

It is because you have first allowed the Light to go out. It is because you have first compromised Love and therefore you do not have the magnet of Divine Love that could draw to you instantaneously all Love of the cosmos because the Love of God is in you. Like attracts like and Love brings to you every good and perfect gift, <11> the meeting of all of your needs.

Oh, I say, tend the flame of Love!  I do not hear you call to me often nor sing to me. I seem to be one of the neglected Chohans. It is because you are busy fighting your battles and winning your battles and engaging with the hosts of the Lord.

My legions come too!  We come with the Buddha of the Ruby Ray and the Dhyani Buddhas. We come in all of the fierceness of ruby fire. We are there, beloved.

You may depict me in the mode of artist but I am a true knight of the cross. And the numberless numbers who carry the flame of Love bear the mighty banner [upon which is embroidered] in the beautiful rose color the cross pattée. We come as legions of far-off worlds and knights of old. And we come [accompanied by] ladies marching in line keeping the torch of Love.

Yes, beloved, no battle is ever won without Love. For it is the superior force, which none of those who have left off from the living flame of Love of Almighty God can have. They cannot match that flame; therefore they are overcome by it.

Your love is great, for you serve devotionally, tirelessly in defense of a world and many who sleep, who when they shall awake will yet find a world because of you. Because of you they will know a new day and recognize the sun rising in the sign of Aquarius for Love’s freedom won.

Oh, love, beloved!  Oh, love!

What is the object of thy love and devotion?

Not thy idolatrous self–nay, the object of thy love is the Mighty I AM Presence, the Holy Christ Self and all who so embody that living Presence on earth and in heaven.

Love goes forth and connects with the Christ Self of each one that the Christ Self might give that Love–nurturing, nourishing, training, disciplining, raising up, showing the way by comfort, teaching the lessons of the Holy Spirit. Yes, Love, beloved, is always an active force. It is God in action in you, nourishing Life in all.

Let, therefore, the Love of God pass through you. Open yourself now as angels of the flame of Love pass the Love flame through you. Open yourself, beloved, that the flame might consume much you have tried to bear to the altar but could not; you could not let go for want of something to replace it. Let Love displace and then fill in the pockets of those conditions that are no longer a part of you, no longer necessary, that are divisive indeed.

Visualize, then, the pink rose in the heart as you receive now the fire of Love as you are able. This is the assistance you will need as you descend each night for thirty-three consecutive nights down the spiral staircase for the exorcism of compartments of consciousness by the living flame of Love.   <12>

Oh, such a gift of the Maha Chohan!  Receive it now.

[30-second pause]

How gentle is Love’s caressing of each and every part of the four lower bodies. The caressing flames of Love are healing rays. Sometimes you see me wear my cape with the emerald on the outside but tonight I wear the rose pink on the outside and the emerald within. And I come, as always, for Love’s healing.        [14-second pause]

Now there is a mighty procession through the Inner Retreat on the etheric octave, close to the physical plane, of all the students who study at my retreat. They come looking like those of many centuries ago who marched with banners in the name of the living Christ. These are artists and artisans of the Spirit and you are counted among them. And you rejoice to have those hours when you may spend time in their company refining, refining the image of self that you might give to others a higher image and therefore knowledge of their own Christhood.

There is a reason that they are processioning through. They have come to the Retreat of the Divine Mother. They have come to the New Jerusalem. There is, beloved, a gathering of many on each of the rays and the secret rays; and as they gather, so there is a grand meeting this night in that retreat. And when you have finished your journey to the obelisk and your ministering unto the needs of souls you may also join that convocation.

You may wonder how you can accomplish so many things in a single night. But, beloved, you are in your etheric body. Yes, beloved, you can accomplish all things, including the exorcism of the compartments of being.

This is a night of transition and the passing of torches. This is a night, beloved, for Love.

Thus, I seal you in all the Love that I have brought with my angels. And you have a brand-new opportunity to conquer yourself, your temper and temperament by Love. Do it, beloved, for it will hasten all things, including that which you have written about to the Lords of Karma.

Love is indeed the key! So take the key, beloved. One day it shall turn in the keyhole and open the door of the Great Heart of the Lord God. Prepare thyself, for the time is nigh.


This dictation by Paul the Venetian was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on New Year’s Eve, December 31, 1992, during the five-day conference The Dawning of Your God Reality, held at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana. Throughout the dictation, the congregation held candles lit from the flame on the altar. The candlelight vigil continued through the dictation of Gautama Buddha, which followed. [N.B. In this Pearl, bracketed material denotes words unspoken yet implicit in the dictation, added by the Messenger under Paul the Venetian’s direction for clarity in the written word.] Throughout these notes PoW is the abbreviation for Pearls of Wisdom.

1. Focus of the threefold flame in the obelisk in Washington. In a dictation given September 30, 1962, the Ascended Master K-17 announced:  “There has been held a beautiful and wonderful session at Chananda’s retreat in India and a decision was made on the part of beloved Paul the Venetian whereby there was transferred from his retreat in France this day, at the hour of eleven o’clock your time, the full pulsation of the great Liberty Flame. This flame was permanently placed within the forcefield of the Washington Monument; and the pulsations of the Liberty Flame are intended to grace the heart of America as a gift from the Brotherhood and from the heart of beloved Paul the Venetian....It is given as a treasure from the heart of France, from the spiritual government of France to the spiritual government of America....The Liberty Flame is a gift of greater magnitude than the former gift of France, the Statue of Liberty, as a tribute to that great being, the Goddess of Liberty. It is incomparable, for the flame itself shall penetrate the structure of the monument, rising high into the atmosphere above it; and all who visit there shall become, even without knowing it, infused by the pulsations of the Liberty Flame within the heart of America.”  (The Liberty Flame is another name for the threefold flame.) See Lords of the Seven Rays:  Mirror of Consciousness, Book One, pp. 132-33.

2. Liberty Flame in the heart of the Temple of the Sun over Manhattan. The Temple of the Sun is the retreat of the Goddess of Liberty on the etheric plane over Manhattan, New York. The Goddess of Liberty focuses the flame of Liberty (the threefold flame) on the central altar, which is surrounded by twelve shrines dedicated to the twelve hierarchies of the Sun.

3. The decrees of Divine Love are printed in the pink section of Prayers, Meditations and Dynamic Decrees for the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness.

Prayers, Meditations and Dynamic Decrees for the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness

Section I (includes 6 pink decrees).

Section II (includes 7 pink decrees).

Section III (for Keepers of the Flame, includes 6 pink decrees).

See also the pink section of the Angels booklet, a color-coded booklet of prayers, decrees, affirmations, hymns and mantras dedicated to the Seven Archangels. This booklet is designed to assist you in your meditation upon the angels and in invoking their intercession:

Angels booklet.

4. The Sacred Ritual for Transport and Holy Work (Ashram Ritual 5) assists the soul in performing world service while out of the body during the hours of rest. See Ashram Notes, pp. 41-59; or Ashram Rituals booklet, pp. 33-34, 39-52.

Ashram Notes by the Ascended Master El Morya Hardbound.

Ashram Rituals, 64-page booklet.

Audiocassette:  2 cassettes, 2 hr., A90028.

5. Opportunity to draw the image of your Holy Christ Self. In a dictation on October 14, 1974, Paul the Venetian invited us to his retreat in southern France, the Château de Liberté. Beloved Paul said:  “I will take you by the hand and show you my castle. I will show you the works of art that have been brought forth by chelas unascended and ascended. And we will go through many rooms, and lastly I will take you to the room where there is that frame that hangs. In some cases it will be an empty frame, in some cases it will have a canvas in it. It will be your frame, the frame of your identity waiting for you to bring forth the genius of your soul. And when you see that frame, if it is empty, you will want to fill it. And so I will take you to that place, ‘The Atelier,’ where you can work with other artisans who are learning the art of living Love by the discipline of the hand and the discipline of expression so that you can draw the image of your own Christ-perfection. And when it is the best that you have to offer, it will be placed in your frame. And when you come again before that frame after many months of purging and self-purification, you will say undoubtedly, ‘Beloved Paul, may I have another opportunity to express my Christhood, to draw the image of myself?  For I have perceived a new aspect of that image, and I would like to have this, my best offering, now placed in my frame.’ And, of course, you will have the opportunity.”  See Paul the Venetian, “The Art of Living Love,” in Lords of the Seven Rays:  Mirror of Consciousness, Book Two, pp. 112-13.

6. Opportunity for elementals to earn a threefold flame. In a dictation on June 30, 1988, the Elohim Heros and Amora promised the elementals that they could earn a threefold flame by assisting the sons and daughters of God. Addressing the elementals, Heros and Amora said:  “Those whom you...serve who do attain the ascension...shall in turn endow you with a threefold flame....The hour draws nigh when those to whom you have given so much may turn and give to you what they have long desired to give.”  See 1988 PoW, Book II, vol. 31, no. 60, pp. 469-70.

7. Jesus’ gift of the resurrection flame to elemental life. In a dictation given March 29, 1964, Jesus Christ announced that he was endowing elemental life with the flame of his momentum of the resurrection and that, from that day forward, the elementals would “never again have the sense of death.”  Jesus said:  “They shall feel my flame always. A portion of that flame resting in them shall remove for all time...all fear that they have outpictured.”

8. Fiats of the Lord printed in bold italic type are to be used by the disciples of Christ as mantras and dynamic decrees in the science of the spoken Word. Keepers of the Flame are encouraged to compose their own affirmations based on the teachings given in the Pearls of Wisdom.

9. Matt. 26:27.

10. Matt. 21:44; Luke 20:18.

11. James 1:17.

12. Call to Lanello to descend the spiral staircase for thirty-three nights. See Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 36, no. 2, pp. 24-25.