The Healing Thoughtform

The Healing Thoughtform

The healing thoughtform is another gift of God's love, scientifically formulated to remagnetize and restore the elements of your four lower bodies to Nature's design.

The healing thought form is composed of concentric spheres of God's healing light-a sphere of white surrounded by a sphere of blue suspended within a globe of green. You can visualize the healing thought form over any organ, a good place to start is visualize the healing thought form over your heart!

Whenever you pray for healing, know that The Call compels the answer. Then call upon the Lord and know that he will answer:

“In the name of Jesus Christ and his presence with me in the Person of my own Christ Self I call to the heart of my own beloved I AM Presence and the angels of healing for the beautiful healing thoughtform to seal me in the perfect light of God's own consciousness of my wholeness–now made manifest!”

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