Healing Thoughtforms For Your Heart

Healing Thoughtforms For Your Heart

The inner eye of your soul can penetrate atomic particles and adjust cellular structure.

One of the greatest gifts of identity, which the conscious mind little dreams of, is the latent ability to realize the image of the eye. This science of the immaculate concept is practiced by every angel in heaven.

It is that law which is written in the inward parts of man, known by his very heart of hearts, yet dim in the memory of his outer mind. It is based on the visualization of a perfect idea which then becomes a magnet that attracts the creative energies of the Holy Spirit to his being to fulfill the pattern held in mind.

The Science of Healing Thoughtforms

Having seen what he is in Spirit and what is the potential of his soul, man must retain that image of Reality in his thoughts and feelings, for the image is a natural repellent to all that opposes his Reality in manifestation. This he does through the real eye of his soul-his inner eye that knows as it sees and sees as it knows.

thoughtform of the threefold flame overlaying the heartThe eye magic of the soul is the I-mage or image of Reality which man plants in his consciousness and waters with the pure energies that flow freely from the Macrocosm. The increase of the abundant Life that follows is the Lord's, or the Law's. For those who follow the scientific principle of the real-eye magic find that they are rewarded by the same. As Saint Paul said, “I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase.”

And so God is expressed impersonally in the outworking of his immutable laws, all of which are corollary to the one Great Law of Being in Cosmos. The science of the immaculate concept, then, is the knowledge of how to use pure ideas to transform the world of the microcosm into a macrocosmic wonder-as above in God, so below in man.

Beauty and truth have a geometry all their own, a symmetry that allows the energies of God to flow freely through their ideations and then to coalesce in form. Pure ideas and noble forms are the archetypal patterns of the Real Image. They are seeds of light which, when planted in the subconscious and conscious domains of the fertile mind, bring forth after their kind. Without these kernels of light, rooted and nourished in the very substance of his soul, man cannot hope to express perfection in his world.

Each one is a lodestone of God-desire to become without, all that which is within. Each one is a magnet that attracts from God above to man below the creative essence of the universe. And if these monads be abundantly scattered throughout his consciousness-each one a nucleus of Reality, each one a forcefield of fervent faith, hope, and charity-then man can indeed look to outpicture (manifest) in the microcosm that which he has thought to be “the impossible dream, the unreachable star.”

Thoughtforms – Building Blocks of Reality

Each time the soul beholds the sun, the clouds, the wind in the trees, a rose, a perfect leaf, a pebble, or a wave and then tucks the design in the folds of memory, he is adding to his treasure of those perfect ideas which are the building blocks of his Reality.

Each time the fingers of his mind trace the lines of a Michelangelo, the strokes of a Raphael, the movements of a symphony, the cadences of a ballet, the formations of the birds that cross the sky, the soul takes in the patterns of the mind of God on which hang the entire schemata of his microcosmic universe.

Beholding the universe and even our own planetary home, we observe how nature upholds the law of perfection and shrugs off imperfection. Truly, the very stones that cry out in praise of the Christ do uphold more earnestly than man his mandate “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.”

How beautifully the Lord has placed all around us in the natural kingdom these links to eternity and to the invisible world of realities which we perceive only in the substance of things hoped for, these precious evidences of things not seen!

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