Harmony Is…

Harmony Is…

This excerpt on harmony from the Pearl On Initiation, Part 2 by Lord Maitreya from December 14, 1975 published in the 19752 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 18 No. 50.

Harmony Maitreya quote

When you come to the altar of the Lord to be initiated, it means that you have striven for perfection in the application of the science of harmony, in the application of the science of energy flow, and in the application of the science of the spoken Word.

Let us analyze these requirements of the soul’s preparation for initiation.

Harmony begins with the heart.

Harmony is the light of the Mother negating the spirals of disintegration throughout the planes of Mater.

Harmony is your own Christ Self dispensing the fires of love, wisdom, and power as the communication of the Logos to the night side of life.

Harmony is the light that bursts in winter in the birth of the Manchild.

Harmony is the law of a cosmos–the sternness and the fire of the Father who in the Mother becomes the gentle caress of the Holy Spirit.

Harmony is the energy of God in the white-fire core bursting from the polarity of the Father-Mother God in Spirit unto the fulfillment of creation in Mater.

Harmony is the energy of life in perfect alignment on the circumference of being.

Harmony is you poised in life.

Harmony is you centered in the God flame of the heart.

Harmony is the threefold flame burning away the debris of the centuries.

Your heart is intended to rule your head, your soul, your consciousness, your life, and the flow of energy which defines your identity in God.

If you are to succeed on the path of initiation, the fires of your heart must be tended, intensified, and expanded.

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