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The Afterlife – What Really Happens

The Afterlife by Elizabeth Clare ProphetThe Afterlife – What Really Happens in the Hereafter, a new book from Summit University Press, explores what happens when we die. Is it really as simple as a the heaven with pearly gates and a hell of eternal flames? Seriously, what can the spiritual aspirant reasonably expect on the other side?

This latest book presents Elizabeth Clare Prophet's answers to these questions with her exploration of the mysteries of the life from the ascended masters' perspective. Beginning with stories of those who have passed on, she reveals what they experienced in the different levels of the spirit world and why. USing Hollywood films, she shows what are common misconceptions ….and when Hollywood actually got something right!

The element of “why” is of paramount importance to the spiritual aspirant, since the “why” is an area one has control over on this side of the Great Divide. This exploration into the life hereafter delves into how choices we make in this life directly affect the options we face in the next.

This life-changing guide shows you how to make the most of your life's opportunities in preparation for the natural next steps we will take on our soul's journey back to Spirit.

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The Afterlife – What Really Happens

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