Fanning the Flame of Your God-Self

Fanning the Flame of Your God-Self

This post is from the 1976 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 19 No. 28 – Saint Germain's December 8, 1963 dictation. The decree 7.26 The Flame of Freedom Speaks is taken from this memorable dictation.

You must recognize that individuals must elect for themselves to be the chosen of God. We cannot do it for you. Even God, your Father, cannot do it for you; for he has already done it for you. He has created the master blueprint in which you are designed. And whose responsibility, I ask you, is it for the outpicturing of that? Who is the master workman? Your Holy Christ Self! But unless you submit to the Holy Christ Self and to the great God-design that is outworking through you, how in the name of heaven can it be wrought? It can be wrought only through the submission of the human to the divine mission of the God Self. This, then, is mastery in its fullness.

Why am I today dwelling upon this factor so strongly? One day, when you have taken hold upon this law as I have stated it and have recognized that there was something in your own determination and acceptance of my offer which accounted for your victory, you will then realize what it is that I have released to you today and why I have released it. But until then, beloved ones, I urge you not to pass by this quickening by some vain idea that this energy is merely released for the entertainment of one or more individuals. I tell you, this energy is released for the freedom of all mankind, for everyone upon the planetary body.

Now if today this room were to be expanded into a great amphitheater, if it would hold ten thousand people and ten thousand ascended masters were to enter that great amphitheater, every one of these ten thousand masters of light would wish for all mankind, including each one of you, the fullness of your freedom. And yet our wish, strong as it is, joined with the wish of God, would not be enough to bring it about until you yourself elect and determine conscien­tiously and consciously that you are going to accept your freedom by keeping your attention anchored upon your freedom.

Turn Your Attention to the Inner

You see, beloved ones, the moment that you resolve that you will do this forever, at that particular moment, you will take note, there is established in your consciousness a magnet. And every time that your attention wanders from the great God Self of your being, this mighty magnet of your perfection and freedom will return to say: “Come back to me! Come back to me! Come back to me! I AM your freedom!” And with that call, the response of your outer self will bring about a proper diversion of your attention and energies not to the outer, but to the inner.

As you turn your attention to the inner, you will find a certain mastery is coming into your being that you knew not before. And you will realize that the Christ-communion of the ages which has fired every ascended master’s heart has been in the center of that white stone, in the center of that new name of being that is within every man. You will recognize that the outer self, in a sense, must die; that the death of that outer self is indeed the putting-off of the body of man’s own sins, so to speak, the inequities of man’s wrong use of energy, and that in this process of the dying of the outer self (the old man with all of his corruptness and inequities), man comes to a state where there is a very dim coal-spark of the sacred fire remaining within him which itself seems almost to be extinguished.

This is the obscure night of the soul, when mankind has at last succeeded in snuffing out his human interest and then has not yet developed his divine interest until he can extend into the spiritual world to perceive the glory of the spiritual world. And therefore the coal burns with great dimness upon the altar and all seems to be shadow surrounding the identity of that one. And in this almost abject and hopeless situation, he suffers the supreme temptation of his being–to forsake this tiny coal and return once again as Lot’s wife to behold the burning Sodom of human desires and feelings and place his attention upon the myriad facets of outer creation.

O precious ones, at that moment, I admonish you, when your victory is so close, do not fan the fires of outer-world desires, but fan the fires of your own God Self so that there breaks forth upon the altar of being the soft glowing, the suffused power of being glowing within your heart, expanding and expanding until at first it is like a tiny candle flame. It is not even visible, beloved ones! It is so tiny, so miniature! And yet it is real. Then gradually this tiny atom-spark of light begins its mighty power of Christ-expansion in the folds of man’s being. “Expand, expand, expand!” calls the flame of freedom. And it begins to come from within the recesses–within, out; within, out; within, out–until it moves into the temple of being, gilding all with a touch of God’s golden radiance.

This post is from the 1976 Pearl Vol. 19 No. 28 – Saint Germain's December 8, 1963 dictation, which begins with Pearl Vol. 19 No. 27.

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