Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 19 No. 27 - Beloved Saint Germain - July 4, 1976

The Sword of Your Attention Is the Gate to Mastery

Part I

O holy flame of freedom, all encompassing embrace of Almighty God, I adore thy presence in the universe! The sacredness of each hour consecrated to thy recognition brings to all the very sustenance of the life-force that is within them and brings to them the happiness of the ages in great paeans of praise for thy love and thy service to life universal and to life individualized. I am pouring out from the center of my being the concentration and consecration of the great flame of freedom which thou art, O God! O thou mighty I AM Presence, enfold all now in this flame of their identity that they may know thee, the only true God,1 the being of their own individualized worlds, their life, and their portion!

Precious heart-friends of the ages, as I am come to you this day in the holy name of freedom, I am reminded once again of the minute state of man’s consciousness when it insists upon revolving the little happenings of the day as though they were important and fails to take into account the great allotment of heaven which is the portion of every man. It reminds me somewhat of a small boy trying to sail a paper boat in a teacup, for it is somewhat difficult for this to occur with any great degree of happiness. And therefore I urge all to expand the mighty radiance of their being and their sense of the universe out from the focus of freedom’s flame within them, until they are able to recognize the magnitude of life and not insist upon revolving the universe around themselves as though they were the center of that universe and all life but existed to satisfy their own ephemeral and passing being.

Inasmuch as this cannot be so, then let all recognize that the reverse is true. And if Life is ever to become known as it is intended to be, man must first of all recognize the supremacy of his own great God Self and recognize that the individualization of that Self must first revolve around the central purposes of creation ere the purposes of creation will deign to revolve around his own central being. Do you see, beloved ones, how it is necessary that man shall first offer himself to the great purposes of freedom in order that he may obtain that freedom, individually speaking?

I have observed courtiers through the ages—kings, princes, and noblemen, as well as those of lesser domain—who have somehow sought to cheat the Great Law and have felt that it was not important what they thought or how they acted so long as they were able to obtain the specific puny desires of their mortal self and their ego-induced purposes. These individuals have ever so frequently cried out to me with their last gasping breath and asked that I would sustain them and render them some form of deliverance from their own self-imposed bondage; and I have been kindly disposed to grant that request in each and every case which has occurred. And yet the Great Law has not permitted me to intervene to extend their life’s portion but in very few cases for the simple reason that innumerable opportunities were given to them before that event occurred; and therefore it became necessary that these individuals should depart the screen of life and should be taken to schools of light where they might find their minds transformed by the renewing power of Life itself.

Individuals do not realize the great karmic responsibility which the Karmic Board themselves have. They fail to take into account the responsibility of the great as being as deep and moving as the responsibility of the small. Man must realize, and should, that those of us given a more than ordinary responsibility for life must exercise it diligently and give account of our stewardship. Therefore the great Karmic Board is not always able to grant every request which mankind ask for, particularly when there is no demonstrable evidence of that individual’s having paid allegiance to Life or availed himself of opportunities that were dispensed to him in response to a multitude of calls which he then buried beneath a bushel of human neglect.

I would like to call to the attention of all of the students that the great mercy of Life is always kindly disposed, whenever possible, to set aside karmic matters and to give a lifestream the full privilege of exercising his own individual mission upon the planetary body. When, however, by reason of gross recalcitrance and neglect, that individual reaches a point where the law can no longer intervene in a just manner, it is necessary that the bar of judgment itself shall exercise its power and that that individual be summoned before the bar of judgment to give account for the energy and the use of that energy which he has in life been given.

I point this out to the students today not in order to lower a hammer of fear over the heads of mankind, but to bring forth the most merciful under­standing in the consciousness of the students that they will then not have any feeling whatsoever concerning the Karmic Board and its judgments or assessments, but that they will recognize that they themselves are in the main responsible for all such final actions which are taken at the close of any specific embodiment.

Mankind, then, must consider how deeply the members of the Karmic Board ponder each matter pertaining to a lifestream. Humility is the forte of every member of the Karmic Board, and there is never any personal feeling of vengeance which is wreaked upon any individual as a result of the judgment of the Karmic Board. The Karmic Board sustain the flame of freedom wherever possible and as long as possible, as long as the Great Law will permit and allow. I urge, therefore, that greater understanding enter into the heart and mind of mankind concerning their own direct responsibility for the administration of the law.

Ultimately, mankind will find that they must face themselves; and it is to themselves that they must pay allegiance. At first this statement may seem strange to those who are not familiar with the great universal law of the circle. But if you will consider for a moment the fact that you yourselves issued forth from the heart of your own true reality, the great being of God which you in reality are, you will understand that you must one day meet the return of that reality through the cycle of being and stand face to face with the radiant perfection of the image of God in which you were created.

If, then, that which you have sustained and elected to sustain does not in itself appear to match the brightness of the appearing of your Divine Presence, it is necessary that the Presence itself shall amend in you those conditions of imperfection. Sometimes, perchance, it is needful that this great Presence of Life shall say to you, “You must again descend through the eternal cycles and be prepared to take reembodiment upon the planet in order to make right those conditions which you did not make right in your previous embodiments.”

Then again, the Great Law, recognizing the tremendous merit of a lifestream, will make it possible at inner levels for an individual, after a number of years of purging and purification, to make the ascension from inner levels and make right there those conditions which were not mended here. However, I would strongly advocate that no one should fancy for one moment that he may be given that opportunity. This is usually given only to the few and not to the many; for most adjustments are made right here where the ills themselves are created—in human form and in embodiment.

Therefore I say to all at this specific time, facing the advent of the Christmas season, it is necessary, in order to imbibe from the fount of happiness the great essence of Christ consciousness, that you recognize the spirit of justice that manifests in every divine release. So long as mankind fancy in their own consciousness that injustice exists in the universal law, they cannot manifest the great law of perfection of their own being. The very fact that man can conceive that God is unjust of necessity warps the lens of his perception so that he is not able to perceive the purity of truth.

I urge all who have at any time considered the idea that the universe is unjust to amend their own decision here and now and recognize the great perfection of being. All that mankind demonstrate that is imperfect, all that is lacking in freedom, is the result of their own doing and must be mended by a response of their lifestream to the ministrations of Love.

The great power of God, the great power of his infinite love, surrounds man at all times, waking or sleeping. I ask you, then, What accountability ought the human soul to feel for this great love when first it becomes fully made known to the lifestream? When a lifestream stands before the radiant love and the wonder of God’s presence, he cannot at first realize or perceive how this great love could not have been made known to him before.

Ever so often at inner levels we hear the cry “Why, this love has just come into being! It is just now beginning to manifest!” And when they are told this is the love that always was and that did not begin to be, they are surprised and they say, “Why was I not made aware of it before?” And it is then that the weight of human density which they have carried about with them can be safely revealed to them, and they realize that it is their own human imperfections and their own vain ideas and their own wrong use of energy that have woven the substance of shadow between their own sense of vision of the love of Infinite God and their own apparent power to see.

I therefore urge sight for the blind. Let the spiritual eyes of men be opened! Let them have their freedom to see the power of God’s love! And as they behold his radiant love in manifestation, let them not solely at the moment that I am speaking feel this great power, but let this power be with you through every hour of the day and the night!

You cannot enter into and obtain your freedom, beloved ones, through placing your attention upon human discord and the patterns of imperfection which are manifesting in the world. You cannot obtain your freedom through a mere state of surcease from outer distress. If at this moment we were to relieve all of your burdens and you were free from them, this would not guarantee to you that you would have your eternal freedom.

You must not only be free from outer distresses, but you must be able to enter into the heart of your eternal freedom. We would not have you in a state of vacuum or a state of being lukewarm. We would lift you to the great fire of perfection! We would lift you to the altar of Almighty God, to the altar of your being, that you may swear fealty with loving heart to this great God Self that is your true being, that you may recognize in the perfection of your Divine Presence your own self, and that you may know that all else that has seemed to be your True Self has been but vanity and the rubble of human discontent.

How can mankind today find their freedom then? “Seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you; ask, and ye shall receive.”2 These statements seem so simple; but the wherewithal of finding the way seems at times to be more difficult than is stated in words. I urge, therefore, that every son of freedom place his attention upon the great light and shall not direct his attention away from that to other things.

As I am speaking to you today, I am consecrating my energies to the memory of many whom I have met through the ages who have not yet obtained their freedom. As they stood in my presence, arrayed in cloth of gold and splendor shining and jewels—and some in rags—they did not know or recognize that freedom which I had eternally within me. They did not recognize that the same freedom was within themselves, and therefore today they are still begging for freedom from the heart of God.

May I ask that the attention of all be placed upon my words. All distractions, beloved hearts, at these times of dictation are not welcome; for they do cause some distress in the instrument. I urge you to be diligent, to keep your attention upon the Most High God. These releases are coming forth in most troubled times to mankind, and we must have your full attention.

Blessed ones, I then would return in thought now to those I knew long ago at the court of France. I would return also to those I knew in England and in various parts of Europe, in Hungary, in Transylvania, and throughout the world, even in China. And I would say to all of you that some of these are today occupying positions of authority in the world and some of these are occupying quite simple and plain positions. However, many of them have forgotten their momentary contact—or contact of some longevity—with me. These individuals today find the memory of their great God Self has grown dim to them and the flame of freedom is no longer a reality.

There was a time when, by proximity to my own lifestream, they sensed the fires of their own being. Why, then, has this condition occurred? Why have they seemed to retrogress? Beloved ones, it is solely in this matter of their own attention. I have spoken in the past, many times urging the attention of the chelas upon their God Self. Somehow it seems that man does not realize the fullness of the meaning of placing his attention upon his own God Self. It is as though the God Self in some way tended to rob him of his identity; and this is not true. By putting your attention upon your God Self, you are obtaining your identity; by putting it upon your human self, you are losing that identity.

Do you see, then, the meaning of this release? I assure you, ladies and gentlemen, that there are powers in opposition to the release of this which I am bringing forth to you today. There are powers that do not wish to have you obtain your freedom. These powers would keep you bound to the senseless round of diversion which is indeed, if I may express it so, a merry-go-round which, while it may have some temporary delights, certainly cannot be compared to the glory and freedom of our octaves.

I say to you, then, having once embarked upon this ride, why do mankind continue to repeat the cycles of their own densities? In almost every case when individuals perform some act for which they are later sorry, they say to themselves, “I will not do this again”; and so they resolve that they shall not. But then when the cycles of the days turn, once again they seem to ride upon this horse of human folly; and they do not recognize that the steed upon which they ride is breathing fire and brimstone upon the neck of mankind and also that behind them, from the pit of human density, is another steed breathing fire and brimstone upon their own neck.

Continued in Part 2, published in Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 19 no. 28.

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Saint Germain was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Mark L. Prophet on Sunday, December 8, 1963, in Washington, D.C.

1. John 17:3.

2. Matt. 7:7.

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