New Year's Conference 2023-24

Class of the Seven Chohans with the Maha Chohan

About the program

Embark on an Incredible Journey of Spiritual Discovery

Step into a personal path of spiritual illumination during the “Class of the Seven Cohan’s with the Maha Chohan”, our quarterly Ascended Master Essentials Event. Join us on a profound spiritual journey to “Meet the Ascended Master of the Color Ray on Which You Serve”. Each color is an individual vibration representing an ascended master and the divine quality they radiate. This unique experience, from December 29, 2023, to January 1, 2024, offers a sanctuary and a rare retreat experience for spiritual seekers to deeply connect with the ascended masters and embrace the vibrant energies of the Seven Rays.

This Program Is for You If...

  • You Are Seeking Spiritual Enlightenment

    If you want to learn more about new spiritual teachings and reach a higher level of consciousness, the insights from this program will be a significant milestones on your journey.

  • You Are Interested in Spiritual Practices

    From the Art of Invocation and the Science of the Spoken Word® to the Ritual of Soul Retrieval, this program offers a wide range of activities designed to harmonize the body, mind, and spirit.

  • You Are Looking for a Spiritual Community

    If you're seeking a like-minded spiritual community focused on personal growth, mystical understanding, and positive impact, this conference is the perfect opportunity to connect and collaborate.

What Spiritual Students Think About the Program

  • Conference Highlights

    Experience Life Changing Dictations from the Ascended Masters

    The Messengers have received intensive training from the ascended masters, enabling them to deliver these timeless messages directly to their students. The ascended masters provide a transfusion of light and energy to your spiritual chakras or energy centers. Each person has a unique experience with each Master.

    • El Morya
    • Lord Lanto
    • Paul the Venetian
    • Serapis Bey
    • Hilarion
    • Lady Nada
    • Saint Germain
    • Maha Chohan
  • Discover Essential Teachings for a New Age of Divine Love and Enlightenment

    Enjoy insightful workshops created with you in mind. Our presenters bring their deep understanding of the ascended master teachings to you each day. These events allow you to explore the rich relevance, transcendent teachings, and unique spiritual gifts that the ascended masters offer students today.

  • To the student of the Ascended Masters searching for the ‘next level’ of self-mastery

    The Ascended Master Essentials conference is an immersive program that will bring you powerful tools from the masters to address life’s challenges, give insights about your own God reality, and an acceleration in higher consciousness. The conference includes interactive workshops, powerful messages from the ascended masters known as dictations and special rituals for soul purification and wholeness.

For we, the Chohans of the Rays and I, as they have appointed me spokesman, speak to you, beloved, and we say: In this year all things are possible unto you. The highway of our God is before you. You need but step upon it and then keep going, approaching the Central Sun as you gather and you sow, gathering the good fruits of your karma, sowing the good seed again, gathering the bad fruits of negative karma, transmuting them and going back again and again until the harvest is a mighty harvest.

—Serapis Bey, December 29, 1994

How to Participate

Events and Registration Pricing

  • On-Demand Recording Now Available!

    Get Access Now

    Missed our live event or want to revisit the profound teachings? Purchase the on-demand recording of “Class of the Seven Chohans with the Maha Chohan” retreat. Experience the wisdom of the Ascended Masters at your convenience. Gain timeless insights and elevate your spiritual journey.

    If you need any help or support, please contact us.

The Experience

Transform, Connect & Contribute

  • Watch At Your Own Pace

    Missed a session? No worries. All presentations, talks and Q&As will be recorded and made available each day for you to watch at your convenience.

  • Tea & Talk Moments

    Seek guidance or simply share a moment of reflection with our mentors, who will be conducting 'Tea & Talk' sessions to enrich your experience further.

  • Community Experience

    While we broadcast the event, you have the opportunity to join our Zoom sessions to connect with a like-minded community. Ask questions and share insights during breaks to make the most of your conference experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions?

  • What will you learn in the Ascended Masters Essentials?

    You’ll learn powerful tools to address life’s challenges, deep insights about your own spiritual reality, and an acceleration in higher consciousness. These four special days are an opportunity to absorb the tremendous teachings given by the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet and learn a new way of communing with God and the Inner Presence of light that is a part of each one of us.

  • Don't think you'll have time to watch all the content in the Essentials live event?

    We’ve got you covered. While you can join us on Zoom for the live event; A Live broadcast and replays will be available to you in your library as we move forward with the event program. These replay videos can be accessed anytime.

  • Can I cancel and get a refund if I’m not satisfied?

    We want you to be nothing less than overjoyed with your experience. If you think you can no longer attend the event or are not happy with our services, let us know, via contacting

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