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  • Easter Conference 2024 – Essentials Program

    New to the Teachings of the Ascended Masters®?

    All new Keepers of the Flame on lessons 1 through 33, and new students are invited to join the Essentials of the Teachings of the Ascended Masters programs. They feature live presentations, question and answer sessions, discussions, and lectures by the Messengers and dictations with the Ascended Masters and Archangels. We look forward to having you join us!

General Information

How to Get Here


The Inner Retreat is located about 100 miles/161 kilometers from the nearest airport in Bozeman. Guests who arrive by plane or bus from Livingston are responsible for arranging transportation to and from the airport to the Inner Retreat. Options include:

  • Limited TSL Van Service: Pickups on Oct. 4 and morning of Oct. 5. Return service is planned for evening of Oct. 8 and morning of Oct. 9. $75 one-way. Limit ONE suitcase plus one carry-on. $10 each additional luggage. Reservations required! Call 1-800-323-5228 to make your reservations. Pay driver with cash or check.
  • Rent a Car: Many options available online.
  • UBER in Bozeman: New service available! Click here to make selections and secure reservations. Fees range from $151–$284.
  • Taxi Service: See www.greatervalleytaxi.com. Fees range from $250–$300.

How to find our van driver at the airport:

Get your luggage at the Baggage Claim. At your van pickup time, be at the airport Baggage Claim area near the kiosk with the Hotel Phones. The van driver will be carrying a sign that says TSL Airport Van.

Local Van Service

This will be available to the homes behind the Lighthouse Restaurant, East Gate and King Arthur’s Court. There will be NO GLASTONBURY VAN SERVICE. For taxi service from Bozeman-Livingston-Gardiner, call Greater Valley Taxi at 406-388-9999.

Where to Stay and Eat


  • Rentals at the Inner Retreat – limited individual rooms (rustic!) are available near the chapel. Email RTRRentals@TSL.org or call 406-848-9124.
  • Yellowstone Destinations – vacation rental homes and beautiful cabins available. (Join with friends and share a rental!) Go to bookings@yellowstonedestination.com or call 406-848-9911.
  • Motels in Gardiner – Gardiner is 8 miles/13 kilometers from this venue. See options at www.GardinerChamber.com or call 406-848-7971. Taxes may apply.
  • Private Homes – some local members open their homes with spare rooms and extra beds in local communities like Glastonbury (22 miles/35 kilometers from the venue). Call 406-333-4614 or email GlastonburyRentals@TSL.org. Fees will vary. Transportation not provided.

Meals at Ranch Headquarters.

Healthy meals including vegetarian options will be available for purchase in our cafeteria. Restaurants and grocery stores are available in Gardiner.

Technology/Communication Limitations.

Due to the location of the Royal Teton Ranch in rural Montana, the only cell phone service is Verizon, and coverage is spotty. No other cell providers operate in the area. Landline phones are available and can be used with a calling card. Free WiFi is available in the cafeteria, but limited bandwidth does not allow video streaming or other resource intensive use. This is a result of our beautiful but remote location.

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Please note: We reserve the right to refuse admittance to anyone or to dismiss anyone from participation in the conference program and/or from the Royal Teton Ranch property.

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Our Location

We are located just off Highway 89, Park County, Montana on the banks of the Yellowstone River just 10 miles north of Yellowstone National Park.

63 Summit Way
Gardiner, Montana USA

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