Be a Scientist of the Spirit – Be Positive About Everything

Be a Scientist of the Spirit – Be Positive About Everything

This excerpt is from the dictation Initiations of the Holy Spirit from the Mount of Salvation by the Maha Chohan delivered Pentecost 1993 published in the 1993 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 36 No. 31.

A complaining spirit has to do with the out-of-alignment state of your four lower bodies, which in turn has to do with an absence of your soul’s surrender to your reason for being. It is time to take out your Surrender Rosary and give it once a month on El Morya’s Day–the fourth. It is time to heal your body. For the body is complaining through your vocal cords; it is complaining about anything and everything. It is complaining because it is not happy because you have not made your body elemental happy but burdened that body elemental.

There are reasons at all levels of being, beloved, why people allow themselves to affirm the negatives and to fail to stay Christ-centered. But I tell you, if you have a weak body and a weak mind and weak emotions for whatever reason of yinness or yin condition in which you may find yourself–if you are to be whole, if you are to be one with God in body, spirit, mind and soul, if you desire this, you must correct all these things.

You must become a scientist of the Spirit, for you will never convince yourself by merely telling yourself that from this day forward you will be positive about everything. This will not happen unless you realign all levels of your being, balance the light of your chakras and follow in the joy of your Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. For this cause, then, did he come into the world, that through him you might have eternal life and that in the interval between his ascension in the Light and yours, your cup might be full with joy.

How can I be joyous when I see suffering around me?

You say, “How can I be joyous when I see suffering around me?” You can rejoice that the Law is good, that the Law is just and that all suffering shall be turned to Light, shall be turned to God-victory when mankind no longer have the need to suffer. And that is the fiat you make.

You have no time to side in with the negatives of anyone’s life. You only have time to side in with the positives and make the fiat that will send that one on his way to the sun of his I AM Presence. For then you must move on to the next person who wants to cry on your shoulder, whom you will not allow to cry on your shoulder but whom you will bring to his senses with the understanding that our God is good.

This you will do by whatever means, whether by cajoling or instructing or entertaining or telling jokes, and finally by making the fiat of the Lord: “The will of God is good and it is good for you and for me!” And if God is good and we are good, then we are God. But if we are not good, we are not God. And when we are not God, we are not part of the antahkarana of the Great White Brotherhood.

Make Your Peace with the Will of God

Either you are in or you are out, beloved ones! Either you make your peace with the will of God or you don’t. There is no halfway gray area of compromise. Those who fall by the wayside of that will must pick themselves up and determine to reenter the will of God by making the sign of the cross. And this is the inner meaning of the sign of the cross, beloved ones. It is that the devotee knows that when he makes that sign in the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Divine Mother, he is reaffirming his commitment to keep the flame of the will of God at the nexus of the cross in the antahkarana of the Great White Brotherhood.

Yes, beloved, long before you are ascended you may hold an office of chelaship under the Great White Brotherhood. But you must learn to keep the balance in your soul and your four lower bodies and maintain the equilibrium within the systems of your chakras and your organs.

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