Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 36 No. 31 - The Beloved Maha Chohan - August 1, 1993


Initiations of the Holy Spirit
from the Mount of Salvation
The Ladder of Chelaship
Pentecost Address 1993


From the mount of salvation somewhere in the etheric octave I descend, not alone to this place but all the way to the deepest levels of Death and Hell. For in the hour of the descent of the Holy Spirit all are touched. Some are quickened to everlasting Life. <1> Some receive the judgment of the Holy Ghost. Know, then, beloved, that to each one upon earth there is a visitation of the Holy Spirit, there is the measuring of the lifestream, there is the dividing of Light from Darkness. <*>

Thus those who have climbed the mount of salvation and come to the point where the earth plane and its octaves meet infinity experience that divine union and reunion. Therefore, accompanying me tonight are the saints who have attained the bonding to the Holy Christ Self and are well on their way to full immersion by the Holy Spirit in the I AM Presence. They come that all servants of God in all octaves might see the fruits of those who have walked the path of the Holy Spirit, who have not shunned the initiations of the Holy Spirit but have entered in and known that the sacred fire must try every man’s work of what sort it is. <2>

Many men consider their work to be fine and noble and true, but, as El Morya says, no man knoweth the measure of himself. Thus, though one may have striven to the highest and most noble purpose and mission and work, yet there is not one among you who could not receive the Refiner’s fire <3> and see how in the next round of the etherealization of the soul there can come forth an even greater work.

There is no limit to the great God-mastery you can achieve. Recognize, then, the flame of the Holy Spirit as the multiplier of all good, of all righteous effort and sincere and noble purpose. Yes, beloved, know that inasmuch as you have seen in yourselves some measure of excellence and beauty as you rebuild and achieve resolution in your innermost being, you can rise again and again, transcending yourselves many times over in the cycles of being.

Why, the Holy Spirit does not come to give the treadmill a spin once in a while!  Why, the Holy Spirit comes to propel you upward, and usually it is with a spank–yes, beloved, a spank to wake you up to the need to move on. For you must not allow yourselves to be too comfortable where you are but know that if you have fought the good fight <4> and won today, then tomorrow you can be on the next spiral of the staircase onward and upward. It is a spiral staircase that ascends to the stars and across the interstellar spaces.

Oh yes, beloved, you cannot conceive–because you have not tried to conceive in this mind that is become a vessel inadequate for the Mind of God–just what a great God-free being you can become here and now!  For contrary to what men think, there is no limitation in Matter, there is no limitation in this mortal body. And the teaching has gone forth from the mouth of the Messenger that God does bypass that mental body, that mortal mind, and go directly to your heart and your spirit.

Think of this, beloved!  If the brain ceases to function with the cessation of the heartbeat and the withdrawal of the threefold flame, then how is it that you continue to think and move and have being and to rejoice in a new level of victory and overcoming when you pass from the screen of life?  [It is because you are not dependent on the brain.  And the Mind of God that is in you is not dependent on it either.]

There is not a moment’s interruption.

Therefore the apostle did say, “You have the Mind of God,” <5> not in some future day but right now!  Not only do you have that Mind but, I tell you this night, you are that Mind.

Now then, visualize the dropping around you of your Great Causal Body of Light and yourself one with your I AM Presence, nestled with Christ as Mediator of that love. See how you are seated in your own Dharmakaya. <**>You need not wait until the ritual of your ascension to pull down the Great Causal Body around you day after day, to examine the spheres of light, to travel through them into an infinite cosmos that is your own I AM Presence and Causal Body as one. Yes, your I AM Presence is the Father-Mother God in balance as the Great Tao, the great T’ai Chi.

As you journey through the rings of your Causal Body, do you find that some are not as developed as others?  As you attempt to gain balance in the threefold flame, will you not also look to gain balance in the spheres of the Causal Body?

Look, then, at the sphere that has the greatest momentum and concentration of light. This will of course be the greatest sphere of your heaven-world and the one in which you have greatest comfortability. From the lotus posture as you visualize yourself seated in the seat of that most powerful sphere of light, look now to the sphere to which you have given the least attention, the one in which you have gained the least attainment or devotion. Use the power of your maximum devotion in your greatest sphere to bring balance to the lesser one.

This is why hobbies are important. This is why people have a mainstream in their lives where they move by the winds in their sails of prior momentums of aeons and aeons ago. Therefore they are able to accomplish mightily in their area of specialization. They may multiply supply. They may easily become prime movers in their fields throughout the world. This becomes the joy of one’s lifework.

And then, for a change, it is wise to take up an entirely different occupation, something that does not necessarily come easily to you–something that is a skill of the hands if you are a worker of the mind, or the reverse if you are a worker of the hands. Thus seek to develop those aspects of self where attention must be refined in a new focus and an understanding of the muscles not only of the body but of the spirit.

So, beloved, you are even now a God-free being!  And this great God-Reality that is upon you in these moments, as I sustain it with you with your I AM Presence, is what you have always been from the Beginning, past, present and future, the same yesterday, today and forever, as your Lord and Saviour is. <6>

What, then, is this creation that hops upon the roller coaster and is down when things are down and up when things are up?  And we can surely count on those of you who will always be up when things are up and always be down when things are down.

Well, beloved hearts, I do not personally enjoy the ride on the roller coaster and neither does the Messenger. And you should decide to cut that zigzag right down the center and be centered at the point of Christ, never too high on your highs and never too low on your lows but always in the equanimity of the scales of justice, weighing and balancing your thought and feeling reactions to all that comes your way.

Yes, beloved, you must surely know that there is no reality in Darkness, yet some may choose to focus on the Messenger when they finally outplay their heinous crimes and subtle psychologies and all warring within their members. <7> They cannot face up to the reality that all problems are within them. They must point the finger and say, “All of the world’s ills are surely begun and ended by the Messenger–yes, all of the world’s ills. We now have the scapegoat.”

An irresponsible, adolescent, addictive society points the finger at another. Primitive societies have their scapegoats whom they sacrifice to the gods, never willing to take accountability for their own souls. But you, beloved, know better. For you have the Mind of the Holy Spirit. You have the Mind of the Father-Mother. You have the Mind of the Son. Yes, you have the mind of the little child who shall lead you <8> and the mind of the sage.

Enter in, then, to your great Dharmakaya (the Great Causal Body of your I AM Presence containing worlds within worlds of rainbow spheres of light) and be who you are. But above all be unmoved. Be unmoved by the rising and the falling of the tides of the sea and the rivers–the rising and falling of the tides of the astral plane, which are mostly rising and seldom falling except on Omri-Tas’ Day, when your violet flame calls break the tide.

Blessed ones, I come to liberate you by the power of the Holy Spirit this night. Yes, I come to liberate you, O souls of the beloved Lord. I liberate you from the false belief that your mortality is real, that Death and Hell are real, that there is any real transition at all since you are already in the full manifestation of God. I come to heal you, to strip you of your snakeskins. And I ask you to identify yourselves apart from your snakeskins so that you do not get caught up in those skins when you should be letting them dry up and blow away.

Yes, beloved, many layers I would peel off by the sacred fire of the Holy Ghost. But if you are afraid of this fire, then I shall delay and postpone the initiations of the Holy Spirit, but I must tell you that that delay and postponement cannot go on forever.

That is why those who do not elect to cast themselves on the Rock of Christ to be broken will eventually be cast upon the Rock and be broken against their will. And because they have not striven for the internal Christhood but sought always the defense of the ego no matter what, these shall find a broken ego and an absence of Christ realization.

Beware, then, being oversensitive in the substance of the ego–me, myself and mine–that sensitivity, beloved, to what others say and think about you, whether it be across the TV sets or on the radios or in the newspapers or the magazines. All these things shall come and go, but my Word shall live forever. <9> My Word is in you. My Word is the Atman. My Word is the incarnation in the Messenger and in every chela whose heart is right with God.

Ask yourself whether your heart is right with God. And do not practice denial. Do not suppress, do not ignore, do not close your eyes!  Do not so occupy yourself that you can never look yourself in the eye and say, “Am I being honest or not honest with God and with all?”

Yes, beloved, it is important to take stock. When you are in school you receive grades. Now you grade yourself. Yet another also grades you–an angel of Light, your sponsoring Master, your I AM Presence. Seek, then, to know what God thinks of you rather than to know what you think of yourself or what your fellowmen think of you.

It matters not whether you are popular or unpopular. It matters that you are kind and loving and true to your course. It matters that you remember that angels of the Holy Spirit often have a fierce mien and that their gaze is stern, as is my own, for I know what the fire of the Holy Spirit can do. It can reinvigorate and give life to those who have almost snuffed out the soul yet in the last moment find the Path and the Teaching and begin to call upon the name of God. And because they call upon the name of God, I AM THAT I AM, they are saved. <10>

And what is the second, what is the moment, what is the point without time in which one is saved and one is lost?  Blessed hearts, if you could see how that dividing of the way comes upon people daily as they come to that last moment of choice that they will be given, you would know why the mien of the Maha Chohan is fierce. It is fierce because I know that one prayer and another in the right direction can save numberless numbers; and the dalliance in the ego and the fretfulness of the ego and the self-defense mechanisms of the ego can cause that lapse in the sustaining of the flame in the earth that we need. And this can be very costly for those souls who simply must make it in that particular round or they will not make it at all.

This is why the Ascended Masters are serious about their Father’s business. We see life and death daily. Sometimes we shield ourselves as the World Mother shields herself in a gossamer garment and veil of light. At other times we allow ourselves to feel pricking our bodies, as it were, a million needle points so that we might enter the life and death and coming and going and thought and feeling and anguish and cry and disease of all five and a half billion souls in embodiment and many more waiting to enter the wings of life.

So you see, beloved, when you allow yourself to see all things and know all things, you must be well on your way to being the Buddha in manifestation. Never mind whether the Buddha is in manifestation in your Causal Body; see that the Buddha is incarnating within you daily. For after all, you have the Mind of Buddha. You have bodhi. You have enlightenment. You have the seed of Buddhahood.

Yet, beloved, know the training of the adepts. Know the training of the Sons and Daughters of the Solitude. Know and enter the training when you come to levels where the time is nigh that you ought to be empowered. The tests are subtle. They are not obvious. And when you come to a point of certain attainment and responsibility on the Path and yet you allow yourself not to see the test for what it is and fail the test, well, beloved, you may set yourself back in training six months, a year, two years. And for infractions that you would consider not so very grave, you say, “Why can I not just apologize and begin again tomorrow and try again?  Now that I know what the test is, I will pass it.”

Well, you see, beloved ones, we of the Darjeeling Council, we who meet in the great halls of the Brotherhood concerning the chelaship of our embodied chelas, have not in any way changed the system of the dispensation of discipleship. There have been many Ascended Masters who have lent their mantles and lent the momentums of dispensations they have received. But you know, beloved ones, this giving of sponsorship in the form of a transfer of light and energy to the chela has its limitations.

For when the chela feels that he or she can go back repeatedly for more light and not be responsible for the light we give, it is time that the chela look at what the rigors of initiation were before the dispensation of the 51 percent was handed down by the Lords of Karma. <***>Before that, one had to balance the full 100 percent of his karma. Those were the days when Gurus were Gurus in the bluntest sense of the word and chelas were ready to take that bluntness.

Yes, beloved, there are among you many sensitive egos that must be desensitized if you would pass your tests. And remember the mighty words of the Lord:  “What is that to thee?  Follow thou me.” <11>That mantra of your Lord Jesus will get you centered and get rid of the need you sometimes feel to defend your person, to defend your actions and this and that. And think how much time it takes to convince everyone you know that you are in the right and someone else is in the wrong!

Well, beloved, long, long ago I comforted the Messenger with the simple words Paul wrote to the Philippians, preserved in the New Testament:


      Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus, who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God but made himself of no reputation and took upon him the form of a servant and was made in the likeness of men.

      And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross. <12>

   If you would follow the example of your Lord, begin by letting the Mind of God that was in Christ Jesus be in you. Then accept that the “form of God” is in you in the person of your Holy Christ Self and do not think it robbery to make yourself equal with God through your Holy Christ Self.

Do not seek worldly reputation but take upon yourself the form of a servant and present yourself in the likeness of men that they might identify with you both in the flesh and in the spirit. Humble yourself and be obedient unto the death of your dweller-on-the-threshold even as you submit to the crucifixion of the soul that she may be found worthy to dwell in the house of the King forever.

If you seek no reputation to be thought well of among men, you can devote all of your energies in the service of the Light and the Lightbearers and know that Jesus Christ is there with you, the same yesterday, today and forever, and that your Lord and Saviour expects you to be there, the same yesterday, today and forever, and to not be moved by the winds of change or the negative momentums of your karma that come tumbling down for your self-mastery and your dividing of the way between your Light and your Darkness.

The moment you acknowledge that your negative momentums have power in your world, you are feeding those negative momentums. And you are using your decree momentum of this lifetime and past lifetimes to reinforce and reaffirm that negativity. Think, then, how you make karma in the process. Think how you waste the light you have stored in your chakras. Ask yourself where you will find water when the well runs dry.

Beloved ones, discipline the mind. Give no power to evil and it will have no power!  For it never was real. It was not real yesterday, it is not real today and it will not be real tomorrow. And you will not empower it to be real at any time of personal or planetary crisis, of calamity in your household, of the burden of karma or life or death.

Whatever may come your way, remember:  Evil is not real and its appearance has no power over you. Do not empower it with superstition, with gossip, with fear and doubt!  Put it into the flame of the Holy Spirit and I promise you:  I will consume it. Waste not the Word, the mighty Word of God that comes through you in your devotions. Do not pollute the stream of your dynamic decrees; for in some of you that trickle is becoming a stream, and it is sure to become a mighty river of Life for millions.

You who count yourselves chelas of El Morya:  Know what you are about. Know your goals, and know that the overriding goal of your life is to concentrate the light in your heart that you might maintain the equanimity of your being no matter what. Then know who is your first love and your truest love in your Mighty I AM Presence, in El Morya and in the flame of Community, and do not be moved, beloved.

I tell you, the detoxification of the astral body, whether through physical fasting or with the adjunct of the violet flame, is quite a process to endure. Do not think, then, that only the physical body has toxins. You know what an experience it can be to be in a state of detoxing the physical body when you go after it with determination. Well, beloved ones, think of how much detoxing you need to do in the astral body!

And so whenever you are building a momentum of violet flame decrees, especially during Omri-Tas and Saint Germain’s Day, along comes the Maha Chohan to pull the plug on one or more of those lower sewers of the astral body so you can finally get rid of those pockets of toxins one by one. There is no better time to do it than when you are building such a wondrous momentum of violet flame with the multiplication power of Omri-Tas’ Causal Body enveloping the earth for forty-eight hours on the second and third of the month.

By this time, you should be used to this system of internal cleansing by the violet flame. But instead of just allowing yourself to be emptied so that you can be filled again and again, all of a sudden you start examining that which is passing from you into the flame as though you were examining your entrails. And therefore you get caught up in revolving the astral stuff that you ought to let go of and let go into the flame.

And what happens, beloved, when you let yourself do this?  You throw yourself out of balance mentally and emotionally. You begin to fear and doubt the process. You let old grudges come up, old angers, old arrogance, and you engage them. And suddenly you are in the very gall of bitterness <13> and you eat your own vomit and you reinject your toxins into your bloodstream and your lifestream.

Beloved, you can detox your astral body as effectively as you detox the physical body, and this you are doing to some extent through your studies in psychology. But I tell you, it takes more than psychology; it takes the absolute violet flame transmutation of the cisterns, the wells and the sewers of the unconscious.

Put all past records and their substance of putrefaction into the violet flame and know that if you don’t and you let them recycle through the brain and reentertain the past, you may find yourself on the other side of the earth quicker than you can wink!  For the sinister force will use that momentum to press your buttons, as they say, and get you out of here as quickly as possible, before you know that what hit you was your own subconscious. And had you put that rotten stuff into the violet flame and allowed that sewer of the subconscious to be cleaned out, you would have found yourself at the next step on the ladder of life, the ladder of your chelaship.

I advise you, then, as I speak here in the heart of the Messenger and as I am also present in the Darjeeling Council chambers, to not be moved by anything!  Do not think because a voice whispers here and whispers there, whether it is physical or astral, that you need be compromised in any way as your inner soul and spirit are seated on the lotus–seated on the lotus, beloved, in the heart of the Buddha, meditating upon the earth, upon the heaven and upon your own bodhisattva path to Buddhahood.

My call to you, then, and my advice of the hour is this:  Do not be moved. Do not be moved, beloved!  You are set upon a course that is sponsored by El Morya. You are set upon a course whereby you can fulfill your reason for being and liberate the Master to assist the earth.

This course is sufficient for thee, even as the grace of Jesus Christ, as measure upon measure of the Holy Spirit descends upon you, is sufficient for thee. <14> The grace of God and the service of the Lord is the rhythm of the stars and the rhythm of those who are real, those who are the members of the Great White Brotherhood as stars shining across the cosmos. Their antahkarana is strong.

If you look upon the brotherhoods in the earth who fight for one another, whether it is the Teamsters or the Rosicrucians or holy orders or this club or that club, you recognize that people feel the need to band together based on their livelihoods, their trades, their spiritual paths to reinforce the commitments they have made. That reinforcement, beloved, is what the Great White Brotherhood provides. You contribute to it, even as you receive from it. And as you are right in your heart with the Messenger, with El Morya, with Alpha and Omega and all in between, so, then, you are tied tightly to this great web of light, this great antahkarana.

Because you are part of the highest brotherhood there is, you receive transfusions of light when you must do battle with the sinister force, as some of you have had to do of late. And I commend you for your tremendous strength and posture as you have stood before the forces of the world who have sought to destroy you. And though you have been burdened, yet you have stood tall!  I see this in you who are gathered here and in many across the earth who have not yet found the Teachings and yet are not moved, for they have a cosmic purpose and at inner levels they know it.

So understand what happens when you get out of alignment with this great antahkarana, this great bracing power of the cosmic light that is the most powerful undergirding of the confraternity of Lightbearers that ever was and ever shall be. It is the manifestation of God, God, God!  And you can be certain that when you maintain your allegiance to the Great White Brotherhood and the antahkarana that sustains and strengthens your tie to it, you are tied only to those sons and daughters of the Light whose hearts are right with the Guru, with the Masters, with God. [Nevertheless, you are free to work and interact with all constructive lifestreams.]

Yes, beloved, for if they are not right with God and his Great Law, then they are momentarily (or else for some period of time and even perhaps for lifetimes) out of the grid of the antahkarana that binds all souls of Light to this Great White Brotherhood. And though you speak of it, yet you cannot comprehend how many magnificent beings of Light there are across the vast cosmos who have graduated from so many systems of worlds who make up our Brotherhood. Nor can you know how we know your sorrows and how we know your testings and how we know and laud your victories.

After all, that is what matters, beloved. It is the victory!  There are stepping-stones that you can follow. They are clear and they lead you to a certain victory. You need to study your map and mark them from where you stand to the point where you want to be in the victory of your ascension.

You can do all things that your Holy Christ Self requires of you in this venture of the spirit and you can do them with joy. In fact, I would say to you that the joy flame of Jesus Christ is the gift of the Holy Spirit in this hour. For your Lord does not want to see you in a state of the absence of true spiritual joy for this or that unresolved human reason.

Beloved ones, remember that the karma of the Dark Cycle descends. And if you are not transmuting that karma daily, if you are not balancing your inner and outer being, pursuing the bonding of your inner child and inner adult to your Holy Christ Self–if you are not doing these things that are so necessary, beloved, then you are apt to be depressed, you are apt to feel negative toward yourselves and others, you are apt to engage a complaining spirit.

A complaining spirit has to do with the out-of-alignment state of your four lower bodies, which in turn has to do with an absence of your soul’s surrender to your reason for being. It is time to take out your Surrender Rosary and give it once a month on El Morya’s Day–the fourth. It is time to heal your body. For the body is complaining through your vocal cords; it is complaining about anything and everything. It is complaining because it is not happy because you have not made your body elemental happy but burdened that body elemental.

There are reasons at all levels of being, beloved, why people allow themselves to affirm the negatives and to fail to stay Christ-centered. But I tell you, if you have a weak body and a weak mind and weak emotions for whatever reason of yinness or yin condition in which you may find yourself–if you are to be whole, if you are to be one with God in body, spirit, mind and soul, if you desire this, you must correct all these things.

You must become a scientist of the Spirit, for you will never convince yourself by merely telling yourself that from this day forward you will be positive about everything. This will not happen unless you realign all levels of your being, balance the light of your chakras and follow in the joy of your Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. For this cause, then, did he come into the world, that through him you might have eternal life <15> and that in the interval between his ascension in the Light and yours, your cup might be full with joy.

You say, “How can I be joyous when I see suffering around me?”  You can rejoice that the Law is good, that the Law is just and that all suffering shall be turned to Light, shall be turned to God-victory when mankind no longer have the need to suffer. And that is the fiat you make.

You have no time to side in with the negatives of anyone’s life. You only have time to side in with the positives and make the fiat that will send that one on his way to the sun of his I AM Presence. For then you must move on to the next person who wants to cry on your shoulder, whom you will not allow to cry on your shoulder but whom you will bring to his senses with the understanding that our God is good.

This you will do by whatever means, whether by cajoling or instructing or entertaining or telling jokes, and finally by making the fiat of the Lord“The will of God is good and it is good for you and for me!” And if God is good and we are good, then we are God. But if we are not good, we are not God. And when we are not God, we are not part of the antahkarana of the Great White Brotherhood.

Either you are in or you are out, beloved ones!  Either you make your peace with the will of God or you don’t. There is no halfway gray area of compromise. Those who fall by the wayside of that will must pick themselves up and determine to reenter the will of God by making the sign of the cross. And this is the inner meaning of the sign of the cross, beloved ones. It is that the devotee knows that when he makes that sign in the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Divine Mother, he is reaffirming his commitment to keep the flame of the will of God at the nexus of the cross in the antahkarana of the Great White Brotherhood.

Yes, beloved, long before you are ascended you may hold an office of chelaship under the Great White Brotherhood. But you must learn to keep the balance in your soul and your four lower bodies and maintain the equilibrium within the systems of your chakras and your organs.

I have come to speak to you on a number of subjects, and the points I have focused on are points of necessity in your world. Have you noticed how easy it is to make a right decision or a wrong decision?  In the split-second timing when the impulse from the soul is received by the mind and the mind either accepts or rejects the counseling of the soul, you may go to the right or you may go to the left.

If you deny the voice of your soul and affirm the voice of the tyrant-ego dweller-on-the-threshold, you will be taking a step on the left-handed path, beloved. And when you take that step you will attempt to convince all others that it is the way to go, that it is right and it is just.

Those who have chosen to march to the drumbeat of their dweller often beat the drum, talking incessantly to justify their position. But, beloved ones, they ought to reexamine their decision; for most would never have made that decision–which was a choice to subordinate the Holy Christ Self to the dweller–had they not felt the necessity to go one more round to exercise their free will to confirm their God-given right to side in with that tyrant-ego dweller-on-the-threshold.

You see, beloved, to go the way of the soul and of the inner child is to go the way of subordinating the human ego and entering into the Divine Ego of God-free being. To go the way of the soul and the inner child is to be humble, childlike and to make yourself of no reputation, but to let God take your hand and lead you as a little child.

How much, how much, how much they who leave the Path do justify their leaving!  That justification falls as lead weights to the ground. It has no momentum in the Holy Spirit.

And when all the talking is finished and the silence comes and the soul is allowed to speak and weep and confess her true desire to know God as a little child and the chela on the Path can be still long enough to figure out how he can retrace his footsteps–how he can go back to the moment of his decision to go with the dweller, even as one rewinds a tape of the evening news and sees everything happening backwards, going back, going back, going back to the moment–if the chela can say to himself, “I remember the moment when I was an innocent child and I was free and I had only love in my heart and no desire for anything except to be one with Christ and God. That is the place I want to return to. And from that place I wish to walk forward again, not necessarily retracing my footsteps but this time doing it right,” he can still save his soul in this life.

Blessed ones, as long as you have life and breath you can go back to that point in your past or present life where you know you departed from God and you can undo the past by acting in the present to enter into the most efficacious service of the Lord. You can undo all that was wrong and make it right, but if you do not have humility, if you do not have inner resolution and you are not content to be the little child, you will not accomplish this feat. It is far too great for the intellectuals of the world. They cannot do it. But you can do it!

There are times, beloved, when you miss steps on the path of chelaship only because you are ignorant of just what those steps might be and you are afraid to ask the Messenger just in case her advice might go against your stubborn human will. And you tell yourself that if you hear her advice, you will be accountable for having heard it; and you are correct. And therefore you make certain you don’t hear it because if you did it would upset the applecart.

Sooner or later you will come home to the retreat of the Maha Chohan. Sooner or later, after you have passed through the temple of Serapis Bey and the training of El Morya, you will yearn for the initiations of the Holy Spirit. I shall give them. But when I do, I shall call you back to the point of your departure from the will of God and we will pick up from there day by day.

I pray, beloved, that you see the great mystery of life. The spheres of your Causal Body tell you that life for you is eternal when you are willing to be bonded to your Holy Christ Self and to do that on God’s terms. Bonded in Christ, you have eternal life; not yet bonded in Christ, your soul is not yet a permanent atom in God’s being.

When do you know and how do you know when that bonding takes place?  Well, I tell you, beloved, it may take place because you have followed the path of the Ruby Ray Masters, but you must also balance karma. Having too much karma, you cannot bond with the Holy Christ Self. Therefore the balancing of the karma of the centuries in service to the Ascended Masters has been the great device that Sanat Kumara has given to you. He has also given to you (even as he gave to us, since he came to earth and brought us with him to this planet) the device of balancing karma on a world scale to the extent that you can quickly know a new lightness.

Yes, beloved, that is one of the requirements of the bonding–balancing karma. If you want the bonding, then you put yourself in that place where you have the greatest opportunity to balance karma and gain self-mastery by engaging in the Master El Morya’s work.

I, the Maha Chohan, tell you that there is no better place on earth to achieve this goal than at Maitreya’s Mystery School. The Ascended Masters are in place. The Messenger is in place and the Messenger Lanello with her. You are in place as chelas, many of you having been accepted by and taken under the wing of a single Ascended Master whom you claim as your Master.

You have made greater progress than you know and yet you fall on such foibles and little things. It is a pity, and that is exactly what our angels say, “What a pity!”  For you have striven so hard and given so much and yet in a moment’s indiscretion of not maintaining your own God-mastery, you slip and fall and forget that you are climbing the very highest mountains of the Himalayas and the etheric octave. One slip, beloved, can take you down many thousands of feet.

So know, beloved, that you are surefooted when you walk in love, walk in truth, walk in wisdom. We have laid our claim and we have put our stake into the ground. The sponsorship is here because of you, because of the Messenger. Many of you shall seek and find your eternal home at the end of this life because you have understood that your supreme worth to the Great White Brotherhood in this lifetime is in the holding of the balance for the earth and for the Lightbearers who can come to this place on the Path only when you hold the balance for them right within your four lower bodies and your threefold flame.

I commend so very many of you to keep on keeping on as you are. And yet I commend others of you to a greater striving, not a struggle but a simple loving of God and of doing what is right to the level of your potential.

Blessed ones, your soul always knows what is the right thing to do. Keep in tune with that point of knowing and you will make no more left turns. You will be willing to suffer for a little while the condemnation of this world that you might enter the realms of glory and your great home of light that awaits you. And you will bring literally millions of souls with you.

I, the Maha Chohan, salute you one and all. Call upon me. If you do not hear my answer, call upon the Messenger.

The Darjeeling Council salutes our co-worker Rev. Annice Booth and does wish her a happy birthday.    [16-second applause]



Blessing of Holy Communion by the Maha Chohan

[Communion servers bring the bread and the wine to the altar.]

In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Divine Mother, I, the Maha Chohan, in the name Jesus Christ, bless this bread and this wine. Receive it now as the Body and Blood of your Lord. Receive it now as the means whereby you enter and sustain oneness with the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood through the Sacred Heart of Jesus and all brethren and sisters of the Light.

After you have received Holy Communion, I, the Maha Chohan, choose to touch you, each one, on the forehead through the Messenger. Therefore pass by the altar after taking the bread and the wine.


This dictation by the Maha Chohan was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Friday, May 28, 1993, at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana, in celebration of Pentecost (May 30). The Pentecost service and dictation are available on audiocassette:  2 cassettes (total 170 min.), A93053. [N.B. This dictation was edited for print by the Messenger under the Maha Chohan’s direction.]

* This action of the Holy Spirit is an annual Pentecost event. All souls in all octaves of planet earth should prepare themselves from study of the scriptures and dynamic decrees to receive the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. Read Acts 2:1-41.

** Buddhist term for the I AM Presence and Causal Body

*** In the past, individuals were required to balance 100 percent of their karma while still in embodiment in order to make their ascension. Under the new dispensation of the Aquarian age, granted by the Lords of Karma in this century, individuals may ascend  after balancing 51 percent of their karma; they must balance the remaining 49 percent from inner levels.

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