Online Radio: Decrees – Deliver Powerful Prayers

Online Radio: Decrees – Deliver Powerful Prayers


Spiritual Decrees – Using the Science of the Spoken Word

“The call compels the answer.” With these words, the Bible tells us that we have the power and the freedom to literally command God.

And what is the most effective means of “compelling the answer”? It is the dynamic decree.

Based on the creative power of sound, dynamic spiritual decrees are the means to formulate and deliver powerful prayers…for any good reason or circumstance.

The power of sound has the power to create, and we use decrees to create the conditions we most desire in our world.

Learn what a decree is, how it is formed…and how it works. Use decrees to create and sustain spiritual harmony and health in a challenging world

Decrees are a practical spiritual practice everyone should understand and know how to use.

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