Online Radio: God Is Your Friend

Online Radio: God Is Your Friend

It's Time to Let Your Light Shine!

There's a new age coming, and you are destined to be a part of it. But it is up to you to seize the torch and carry the Light forward. No one can do that for you. This is why it is so important to know that God is your friend.

He is not some remote Supreme Being deep in the vastness of the Universe accessible only through prayer. He is here, now! And His friendship is as real as your heartbeat and as certain as the Christ that dwells within you.

God is the Source of all Light
God is the Doer

Do you know how powerful you are? You are, in fact, a co-creator with God. Every moment of every day, you are using God’s energy to create. His energy literally animates every thought, word, motive and deed.

Naturally, this use of God's energy carries with it enormous responsibility…and significant consequences. These consequences come in the form of karma, both good and bad. It's all in how we conduct our friendship with God.

When we respect his gifts and use them wisely, we accrue good karma. When we are not careful and abuse his gifts, we create bad karma. And this bad karma must be balanced, transmuted and purified before it can be returned to God.

Seize the Torch
Carry Your Light into the New Age

When we accept our role to embrace the Light and carry it forward, we do more than confirm our friendship with God. We affirm our Sonship!

Seizing the torch is seizing our Christhood. When we put on the Light and embody the Christ, we are then able to carry that Light and the flame of the Holy Spirit into the new age with strength and certainty…for all to see. Doing that will fulfill our Divine destiny and serve as the ultimate expression of our friendship with God…by becoming One with Him.

That's all He wants. So why not take a little time each day to walk and talk with your Friend. Tell Him what’s on your mind and in your heart. He'll listen. Then, when you're ready, pick up the torch and Light up a new day!

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