Ascended Masters – Who are They?

Ascended Masters – Who are They?

The ascended masters are our friends and mentors on the spiritual path. These are the great saints and sages of East and West who have gone before to show us the way. Jesus, of course, we know. Buddha. Saint Germain.

But have you heard of El Morya? Kuthumi? Lord Lanto? Paul the Venetian? How about Kuan Yin, Nada, Meta, Portia, Maitreya, Zarathustra and Melchizedek? The ascended masters populate the ascended realm…which is our destination, too, if we choose.

All sons and daughters of God (that’s you!) have a divine spark, which is our potential to become, or realize, the Christ within.

How do we manifest this potential? With help.

And by God’s grace, we have friends in high places who are committed to helping all those who ask.

Find out more about these wonderful – and indispensable – masters and the role they are willing to play in our lives!

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