Ascension Quotes from Elizabeth Clare Prophet – 1

Ascension Quotes from Elizabeth Clare Prophet – 1

What is the ascension?

The ascension is a spiritual acceleration of consciousness that occurs after the natural conclusion of one’s final lifetime on earth. It represents the point in the soul’s evolution when it attains immortality. Through the ascension, the soul merges with the I AM Presence and returns to the Father-Mother God, free from the rounds of karma and reincarnation.

This process of returning to the source is recognized throughout the world's major religions, although the terminology used to describe it may differ.

Ascension Quotes, Part 1 of 3

25. Elizabeth Clare Prophet, April 19, 1973, “Walk While Ye Have the Light”

“In his April 22, 1973 Pearl of Wisdom, Jesus recalls for us how Elijah, when he was taken up in a whirlwind of fire, said to Elisha, ‘If you see me when I am taken up, you will receive a double portion of my spirit,' because Elisha had asked him for a double portion of his spirit (see II Kings 2:9–15).

“So this means if you have the vision, or if you have the mastery of the third eye, or if you have passed the test of the ten*—in other words, if you have the inner attunement of the All-Seeing Eye of God and you have that mastery on the line of the ten—then you will receive my mantle, which is the mantle of hierarchy that the disciple must receive when his teacher goes on. So Elisha saw Elijah, and the mantle of Elijah fell upon him….

“Now, this mantle is the entire momentum of the works of the master that he has outpictured. This is why Jesus said, ‘He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works shall he do because I go unto my Father' (John 14:12). It is because the corn of wheat falls into the ground, because the master gives his life for his chela, that the chela can do greater works. So if we have the attunement with the ascended consciousness of Mark, then we have his mantle, or the momentum of this causal body, to do the works that he did and greater works.”

*The test of the ten involves the transmutation of the energies of the astral body (the emotional body) so that when we are required to make the transition that body is not a weight, a heavy sack like the darkening clouds that are full of water, but our astral body is light and does not hold us back in the hell of the earth, or the astral body of the earth; and we can go on to octaves of light. (Elizabeth Clare Prophet, April 19, 1973)

24. Elizabeth Clare Prophet, April 19, 1973

“Do you know what the dream of the Mother is for mankind? There are many things I wish to tell you about that dream, but the entire dream is cradled in her desire for mankind to pass the test of the ten. That is the entire dream of the Mother. And every facet of it, which is an immaculate concept that the Mother holds for mankind, has to do with the passing of the test of the house of ten.”* From “Beautiful Dreamer: The Dream of the Mother for Mankind”

* The test of the ten. In Intermediate Studies of the Human Aura, the ascended master Djwal Kul gives the following teaching on the test of the ten: “The solar-plexus chakra has ten petals—five with the positive charge focusing the thrust of Alpha in the secret rays and five with a negative charge focusing the return current of Omega in the secret rays. Thus, to the evolving soul consciousness, the solar plexus is the vehicle whereby the initiation of the test of the ten is passed. This is the test of selflessness, which always involves the test of the emotions and of the God-control of those emotions through the Divine Ego, which can come into prominence in the soul only as the result of the surrender of the human ego.” From The Human Aura

23. Elizabeth Clare Prophet, April 19, 1973, “Walk While Ye Have the Light”

“Mark and I had the whole weekend from Saturday to Monday to converse telepathically and to prepare for his ascension. And when I asked him why he was going at this time, I realized, of course, there were many, many reasons; but one of the answers he gave to me is taken from a Bible passage in John, chapter 12, beginning with verse 23, and it is something that bears studying:

“‘Jesus answered them saying, “The hour is come that the Son of man should be glorified.”‘ Glorified means ‘filled with light'; it means becoming radiant for the purpose of focusing the ultimate of the God consciousness and the Christ consciousness in the flesh form.

“Then Jesus said to his disciples, ‘Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone; but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.'

“In that verse is contained the law of hierarchy, the law of laying down one's life in order that one's disciple may expand. There comes a time when, if the teacher doesn't go on, the disciple of the teacher cannot make further progress. And so the teacher comes and tarries with us for a while.”

22. Elizabeth Clare Prophet, January 31, 1986

“I have a very personal memory of the court of Alpha and Omega and the very first hour when the fallen ones rebelled against our Father-Mother God. And as I was in attendance with them in that hour, I begged that I might go after them and attempt to save them and teach them and convert them back. And Alpha turned to me and said, ‘So be it, my beloved daughter.'… Alpha told me as he sent me that for so many millions of years I would be their mother…, that I would go to them as Mother to nourish them with light, to feed them, care for them, love them, give them the love of Alpha to woo them back to his heart.

“And Alpha told me that in the end—when all of this should have been concluded and they, the ones who had not responded, when the ages had passed and their opportunity to respond through my heart to him was concluded, that—my role would shift from Mother to that of Judge and Guru.

“Since the mantle of Guru came upon me and Jesus also gave his Judgment Call and the various actions of the judgment have descended, there has been a turning against this office by the fallen ones who no longer may drink the milk of the Divine Mother, may no longer attach themselves to her, but now must stand and face their accountability.

“At that moment they cease to call me Mother and they begin, in a derogatory manner, to call me Elizabeth, which cannot be in any way derogatory because Elizabeth means ‘the place of God.' And therefore, no matter what they say, they are still affirming that where I AM, God is.”

21. Elizabeth Clare Prophet, March 2, 1973

“One day Mark was meditating in his office and he was in deep and long meditation with Jesus. And then he took up his recording machine and began to speak into it the results of that meditation; and he brought forth a mighty prayer which Jesus gave to him and called ‘It Is Finished.’ It is the prayer of Jesus on the cross and of Jesus’ victory over death.

“And Mark said to me, ‘These are the thoughts that Jesus held in his heart as he lay dying on the cross.’ And when I read that prayer of Jesus to God, I was so overcome with joy that I said, ‘O God, if there was no other reason for me to be born and I had no other thing to do, it was to stand by this beloved Mark while he received this prayer from the heart of Jesus.’ And I have continued to feel that way till the present hour. I would be content to know that that one prayer had been given to mankind and would feel that my life had not been lived in vain, nor Mark’s life lived in vain.”
From the Memorial Service for Mark L. Prophet

20. Elizabeth Clare Prophet, April 5, 1988

“Whether you realize it or not, the hour of Mark Prophet's ascension, February 26, 1973, was a new day in your life, a very important day that determined the destiny and fate of your discipleship and your ascension. Mark Prophet's transition was made so that the mantle of his ascension could intercede for us in the saving of this country and the gaining for us of time–time through this very hour of the present.

“There was a very severe threat of war at that time (and you can read about it in Saint Germain on Prophecy), of the confrontation of the superpowers over Israel and the war that was going on there. That confrontation was set back, and Henry Kissinger had something to do with that. It was at the point where Vietnam was being lost, abortion was legalized in January of that year, and major events were happening. And the requirement was that the messenger take his ascension so that the full-gathered momentum of that light could be given to the lightbearers and to buy time for this nation.”

19. Elizabeth Clare Prophet, March 18, 1973

“There comes a time in the life of every true disciple of Christ, of the Brotherhood, of God, that they are confronted with someone who is further along on the path than they are, who can give them the counsel, the understanding and the rapport with the God Presence that enables them to go on. I know many of you have had this experience. If you don't meet the teacher, you might meet a book—you might find the writings of the masters in their pure form and therein find the answer.

“In the absence of a personal guru, your guru is the Law. And in order to progress in the Law you must be totally obedient to the Law as you know it and understand it, never failing to ask God to unfold a greater understanding of that Law as you can always be more and more obedient. And this obedience takes you higher and higher in the spirals of your own divine plan and your own divine destiny.”

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