Ascension Quotes from Elizabeth Clare Prophet – 2

Ascension Quotes from Elizabeth Clare Prophet – 2

Ascension Quotes Part 2

18. Elizabeth Clare Prophet, March 2, 1973

From the Memorial Service for Mark L. Prophet
“As we stood with our beloved Mark in the anteroom after his passing, we felt the descent of the Comforter, the Holy Spirit. We felt it as tangibly as we know the apostles felt it on the day of Pentecost. We felt such a blessing that it cannot even be described. We were renewed and reborn, and as we stood with Mark we wondered if perhaps he were truly among the living and we were yet among the dead. So powerful was the Presence of God in that room that we were not only comforted, but born again to eternal life with him.

“And so when I say to you that we celebrate the victory of our Mark, I say to you truly and humbly that he has proven to us beyond question or a shadow of a doubt that there is no death. As Paul said, ‘O death, where is thy sting. O grave, where is thy victory' (I Cor. 15:55). We know that our beloved Mark lives eternally now in the heart of God.

“And as Jesus promised to his disciples, ‘He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do because I go unto my Father' (John 14:12). Because we believe that Mark has ascended into the presence of Almighty God, we believe that our power will be multiplied ten thousandfold—that he will live and work and serve among us to see that we also do those greater works in his name that shall indeed fulfill the kingdom of God upon this blessed earth.”

17. Elizabeth Clare Prophet, July 5, 1975

“As we contemplate the love of hierarchy and of the master for the chela and we feel that love whereby the master says, ‘I cannot leave thee, I will not leave thee,' we see how that love comes forth from the Father-Mother God as when Jesus took his leave of his disciples and said: ‘I will not leave you comfortless…. Behold, the Comforter will come who will teach you all things' (John 14:18, 26). The Comforter as the Holy Spirit gives us that teaching whereby we are not left alone to drift in our own sea of impurities, our own subconscious, our own karma. We are not left alone, because the teacher has left us the teaching.

“One of the greatest examples of the love of hierarchy that I have found is the teaching on the cosmic clock. The cosmic clock is the comforter. It is that agency of the Holy Spirit that remains with us after the master ascends, while the angels ascend and descend on the ladder of life.”

From “The Great White Brotherhood,” chapter 15

16. Elizabeth Clare Prophet, February 25, 1983

“We have the opportunity on…the ascension day of the guru to claim dispensations of light from his causal body. His causal body is like a great Christmas tree; and tumbling down come gifts of light and opportunity for initiation if we will sit still long enough to realize just what is the celebration of the ascended Son of God on that anniversary of the victory.

“The celebration is to let loose the attainment of the light and to deposit it very carefully in the heart of the very best and finest chelas, which I know you are.”

On the tenth anniversary of Lanello's ascension

15. Elizabeth Clare Prophet, August 17, 1993

“One thing I want to tell you about your being a chela on the Path is that we are bound together with one another wherever we are throughout the world. So that means each of us has to maintain our side of the equation. I have to work strong with my oar and you have to work strong with your oar. And as we are working together, we are holding the balance for each one; and it is a great way to walk the Path and make our ascension together.”

14. Lanello, February 26, 1977

“Now, then, the occasion of the ascension of the messenger is the occasion for rejoicing for all, for, you see, when you follow in the footsteps of the messenger, you must also go up as the messenger goes up. My ascension, then, is your ascension, and your entering in to the white-fire core of the Mother brings you closer to the action of the secret rays in your own causal body.”

In 2000 Pearls of Wisdom®, vol. 41, no. 23

13. Elizabeth Clare Prophet, February 26, 1982

“And they heard a great voice from heaven saying unto them, Come up hither. And they ascended up to heaven in a cloud; and their enemies beheld them.” (Rev. 11:12)

“My understanding of the ascension of the two witnesses is this: Lanello has ascended and some have feared that I would also ascend. But God told me that with the balancing of my karma I was ‘as ascended' and therefore had the dispensation to be walking the earth as in the place of the ascended one.

“So we understand that there is a fulfillment of the prophecy in Revelation of the ascension of the two witnesses and that we are moving on to Revelation 12 and 13 and 14—the coming of the woman, the Manchild, the place prepared in the wilderness, the coming of the beasts out of the sea and the earth and the dragon that gives them power, and then the Lamb on Mount Sion.

“So the prophecies are moving onward. And this prophecy comes as the result of the ascension of the two witnesses.”

On the ninth anniversary of Lanello's ascension

12. Elizabeth Clare Prophet, July 3, 1978, “The Guru-Chela Relationship under the Ascended Masters”

“After the ascension of our beloved Mark in 1973, on February 26,…the announcement was made by the ascended masters on that occasion that because the embodied messenger, the embodied guru, our own beloved Mark Prophet, had made his ascension, that ascension enabled the opening of the temple doors, the opening of the retreats of the seven chohans, the world teachers and the Maha Chohan, the representative of the Holy Spirit, for many who had not qualified to enter into the retreats before that time.”

“This is always the law that by the attainment of one son or daughter of God there can occur a tremendous dispensation, a forward movement of light for those who are following.”

11. Elizabeth Clare Prophet, March 10, 1981, “Teachings of Lanello”

“For the purposes of understanding the masculine and feminine polarity in each one of us individually, we see the masculine as very concentrated energy and we see the feminine as the action of that energy—any action of the energy. So we say that God as the masculine being is always known through his feminine counterpart because we can’t see what God is until we see him in action….”

“So here is a statement of the purpose of the masculine being: “The son of man shall come again with healing in his wings.” It's a statement of being. It's a manifestation of being. But it is not yet the action; it is a state of being. The action comes with the next statement, which is the feminine release: ‘to unleash the lightning of creativity sublime.'”

“This is a promise of El Morya to us: ‘The son of man shall come again with healing in his wings…to unleash the lightning of creativity sublime.'”

“The promise of the Alpha to descend into the Omega is the promise that the guru will manifest in his chela the action of his state of Be-ness. Lanello today has a state of Be-ness. As an ascended master, we know he is very active, but his action is not apparent in this dimension except through the feminine polarity.”

“Every soul is the feminine polarity of God. So we are all feminine as we dwell in this octave. The soul that descends from the I AM Presence is the negative, or minus sign, in relationship to the positive polarity of the I AM Presence.”

“In relationship to Mark Prophet (now the ascended master Lanello), I am the negative polarity. So I have to see to it that where I AM ‘the Son of man shall come again with healing in his wings…to unleash the lightning of creativity sublime.'*”

“That becomes your affirmation. That is the result of the ascension of your guru. Shall we say it together?”

“‘The son of man shall come again with healing in his wings…to unleash the lightning of creativity sublime.'”

* El Morya, To Those Who Look Upward to Behold the Son of Man, in 1973 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 16, no. 10; and Cosmic Consciousness, Foreword, pp. xviii, xix. See also Mal. 4:2.

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