Archangel Uzziel

Archangel Uzziel

Archangel of the Eighth Ray

The Ruby Ray of Integration

Archangel Uzziel and his twin flame are the archangel and archeia of the eighth ray. While the names of the seven archangels are known, the names of the other archangels including those of the five secret rays have not been revealed, except the name of Uzziel on the eighth ray. The name Uzziel means “strength of God.”

Archangel With the Everlasting Gospel

“I AM the angel who flies in the midst of heaven, having the Everlasting Gospel. For that gospel, my beloved, is the integration of all of the seven rays of Christhood and of the seven churches and of the world's religions and of the seven seals of the Book of Life and of the seven seals of the chakras of man and of woman.

“I AM the entering in to the eighth ray whereby East and West are one. I am the one who bears the Everlasting Gospel that the hundred and forty and four thousand might preach it to the men and women and children of the earth.”

Archangel Uzziel assists us to transition from the seven rays to the mastery of the five secret rays. He brings the light of the eighth-ray chakra, the eight-petaled secret chamber of the heart.

Archangel Uzziel and Mastery of the Secret Rays

“I AM Uzziel. I bring to you the transition for your mastery of the five secret rays. Before you pass from the seven to the five, you must come under the rod of the discipline of the eighth-ray masters including the master Gautama Buddha and the Mother. For this is the ray of the Buddhas and the Mothers who come in the name of the Cosmic Virgin.

“You wonder why you have had the discipline of the Buddha and the Mother, and sometimes in your exasperation you wonder if that discipline will ever end. Well, it will end when you have passed your tests and become the fulfillment of the discipline itself. And then, in that moment, you may receive your diploma and pass to the school of Mighty Cosmos, who will introduce to you the masters of the five secret rays.

“Mankind are yet coming to grips with the seven rays, and therefore you have not heard of the lords of the five secret rays. But in order to contact that level of mastery, you may speak the name of the Ancient of Days, Sanat Kumara, and the seven holy Kumaras. And you may call for the light of the secret rays to come into greater prominence on earth even as you call for your own mastery of the eighth ray.

“Your beloved Lanello took his initiation in the eighth ray, after seven years in Colorado Springs, through the ritual of the ascension. Many unascended souls who have perfected the walk in the seven rays do so in this manner. But I appeal to you to strive for the overcoming mastery of the eighth ray and to remain in incarnation, which brings me to my original premise.”Since the eighth ray carries such an intensity of ascension's fires, in order to sustain the eighth ray and to remain in incarnation, you must expand your heart chakra!

“You must open the heart chakra of America! You must contact the American people with the teaching that will enable them to guard the heart, especially from all dissonance and the popular forms of music that are so very destructive to the heartbeat, as that beat is the echo of the cosmic heart. You must teach the people of this nation to turn off their television sets, to separate themselves from noise and the bombardment of the physical senses, all of which are shocks to the heart and the energies thereof.
Spiritual Protection of the Heart

“And therefore the heart develops that hardness as encrustation, as encasement, as substance of density. Otherwise, it could not withstand the shock even from the cradle. And therefore where the people do not have light, their hearts become surrounded with darkness. And darkness instead of light becomes the defense of the heart chakra. Let them be opened!

“We could send forth the ray this morning, the very heart of the eighth ray, for the shattering of that calcification around the hearts of this people. But what would we accomplish? We would make their hearts naked and without defense. And then they would become so sensitive to the shocks of the world that many would pass from the screen of life.

“And therefore the teaching must come first. Therefore the nucleus must come first. Therefore the violet-flame heart, the purple-fiery heart of Saint Germain, is the dispensation of the God of Freedom in this age. This is why you hear of the Sacred Heart of Mary, the Sacred Heart of Jesus and this purple fiery heart of Saint Germain. It is because this generation of lightbearers have come forth to master the energies of the heart on behalf of all of their brothers and sisters who have such love and yet in ignorance know not what they do as they trample upon the tender laws governing the flow of energy through this sacred center in man and woman.

“You see, then, that although the hosts of light may perform miracles, if mankind cannot sustain the miracle, it is not an economy of cosmic energy. Therefore, the key to the age; therefore, the key to the eighth ray, the teaching, the teaching itself, the dhamma* of the Buddha, the Sermon on the Mount of the Christ, the pondering in the heart of Mary the Mother, the teaching thread by thread and pearl by pearl, law by law—this is the reinforcement of the light of your heart.

“Become, then, devotees of wisdom that you might expand the teaching, become the teaching, and transfer it heart to heart.

“I am Uzziel. My dwelling place on earth is in the secret chamber of the heart of those devotees who have practiced the meditation of the secret chamber and who have cleared the place for my coming. If, then, you would entertain me within your temple, prepare your island in the emerald sea.† Prepare your island, and let me come to worship with thee.”

*Dhamma [Pali for Sanskrit dharma]: cosmic law; the teaching of the Buddha.

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