Why Am I Here?

After observing life on Earth with all its idiosyncrasies, you ask yourself “Why am I here?”

The journey home to God requires that we master our human nature and transcend its limitations. We are here to fulfill our unique life goal and divine purpose. We are here to ascend!

We are also here to balance our debts to Life. Through our many embodiments, all of us have made Karma. The good Karma is stored for us in our causal bodies.

Our negative Karma is also stored up, but by God’s grace we don’t get it sent back to us all at once for transmutation.

Through the teachings of the ascended masters, however, and by applying their proven techniques, such as the Science of the Spoken Word (decrees) to harness high-frequency spiritual energies such as the Violet Flame, we can accelerate the balancing of our Karma, settle our debts to Life and ascend.

Keepers of the Flame - why am I here

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