Who Am I?

Your spiritual journey hinges on finding out “Who am I?”

We are all Sons and Daughters of God, each an evolving soul with our own Christ Self and I AM Presence.

We are endowed with the power to create our experience, the choice to raise our consciousness and the opportunity to reunite with the Heart of God through the Path of the Ascension.

We are in the process of becoming God. This is our birthright! And the ascended masters have shown us the way to achieve this goal.

Their teachings are always practical and useful. They’ve been where we are. They know the tests and trials we face. They are here for us with knowledge and resources that will accelerate our journey and hasten the realization of our ultimate goal.

Why Am I Here?

After observing life on Earth with all its idiosyncrasies, you ask yourself “Why am I here?”

The journey home to God requires that we master our human nature and transcend its limitations. We are here to fulfill our unique life goal and divine purpose. We are here to ascend!

We are also here to balance our debts to Life. Through our many embodiments, all of us have made Karma. The good Karma is stored for us in our causal bodies.

Our negative Karma is also stored up, but by God’s grace we don’t get it sent back to us all at once for transmutation.

Through the teachings of the ascended masters, however, and by applying their proven techniques, such as the Science of the Spoken Word (decrees) to harness high-frequency spiritual energies such as the Violet Flame, we can accelerate the balancing of our Karma, settle our debts to Life and ascend.

Where Am I Going?

To reach the goal of life you must answer “Where am I going?”

Through the ascension, we reunite with our brothers and sisters who have gone before us and blazed a trail home to God.

Our new home is the heaven world…and it is permanent! This is where we are going. It is a home of limitless choice and opportunity. It is a whole new beginning!

Our ascension means that our souls have achieved immortality. And we are free to joyfully serve the Light and Life to the fullest of our ascended capabilities.

How Do I Get There?

Once you know your goal, you plan the steps to get there asking “How do I get there?” Follow the ascended masters!

These loving and transcendent beings have walked where we walk. They have been where we are. They know the trials, tribulations and temptations we face.

And they are committed to helping us find our way home.

They offer clear and practical tools for overcoming human limitations and guiding us back home to God through the ascension.

They can teach us to embrace and harness the great inner power that we all possess. Through the daily use of vocal prayers called decrees that focus powerful spiritual energies, we rise on wings of expanding consciousness.

Our souls once knew the absolute bliss of oneness with God. The ascended masters teach us to remember this bliss and to seek it, once again, above all else.

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