Wesak and Violet Flame for Elementals – Pelleur

Wesak and Violet Flame for Elementals – Pelleur

Pelleur on elemental life, the need for the violet flame, and celebrating Wesak.

The Burden upon the Earth Body

Earth in violet flame, Wesak celebrationWe have been aware of the burden that has been upon the physical bodies of the lightbearers; and we would tell you that the burden comes from the enormous burden that is even now upon the elementals who serve as the gnomes at the physical plane–those who serve to keep the balance of the flow of cosmic forces in check.

The burden upon the earth body is intensified by the misuse of that body, by the bombarding of the nucleus of atoms in nuclear fission, by the release of energies peaceful for the maintenance of the flow of cosmic energy, by the misuse of these energies, by the absence of the necessary safeguards of the sacred fire to which mankind have not attained.

Mankind's present level of attainment is not commensurate with the keeping of the flame of life at the levels of energies which they are releasing daily in the earth, through the earth, and at other levels in the plane of water and in the plane of the air.

We are concerned with the pollution of the body of the earth; we are concerned with the pollution of elemental life.

Where elemental life and the earth body itself have not been able to bear the toxins, the waste materials, the chemical by-products and the nuclear by-products, so the bodies of mankind have had to bear that weight, and mankind as a whole, and especially the light­bearers, walk with the cross on the via dolorosa.

They walk carrying that cross; and sometimes they fall beneath the weight of that cross as they bear it unknowingly, jointly with elemental life.

We are concerned with all pollution and the pollution of the seas and the air and the pollution of the food; and we see that there are times when the lightbearers can scarcely lift their bodies, so charged are they with the negative charge that results from the imbalance that is being placed upon the ecosystem of Terra.

The earth is suffering under a tremendous weight of darkness, plotting and profiteering, and the plundering of her soil,

Violet Flame Decrees Felt by Elementals

We applaud your efforts to give invocations and decrees for the ecology and the energy crises of Terra…the fruit results in the greater flow of light through your four lower bodies and your chakras because the magnificent orifices of being are in alignment in the many planes of consciousness in which you live, and thereby the light of the Sun can flow forth. This is true also when the physical body and the skeleton are in alignment and are in correct manifestation.

All of elemental life rejoice to receive even the crumbs from your table as drops of violet flame are felt by them as you give your invocations.

They are grateful for even the side effects of your invocations. They would be, I assure you, even more grateful if you were to give concentrated and direct calls for and on behalf of the gentle gnomes, the sylphs, the undines, and the salamanders. It would be very worth your while; for in this mighty action of release, you will find that your own burden is made light and that your cross can be borne on the path of victory and the way of joy, on the path of the light of the Buddha. You will find, then, the reestablishment of the flow of creativity as health and wealth; for these are the gifts of the Holy Spirit which the precious elementals bring to those who work with them, who serve with them, who are kind, compassionate, and understanding of their plight.

Wesak – Elementals are Buddhists by Nature

I look forward to saluting you on the day of the Wesak Festival*, when the Lord of the World ministers unto the needs of all of the evolutions of Terra, including elemental life. I invite you to be there in Shamballa and with the Lord of the World as he spreads the canopy of his consciousness over India, the place where the teachings of the Buddha were brought forth into manifestation. All of elemental life rejoices, for they bow before the Lord of the World as their God and as their Saviour. You might say that the elementals are Buddhists by nature and Christians by training!

In the light of Venus, in the light of the World Mother, in the light of Omega, in the light of Virgo, I anchor within your heart my love for Terra.

Note: Excerpted from Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 19 No. 19 by Pelleur was dictated to the messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet at the Retreat of the Resurrection Spiral on February 29, 1976.

* The Wesak Festival, celebrated annually during the full moon of Taurus, is the time when Gautama Buddha appears over the Wesak Valley in the Himalayas to give his annual blessing to his devotees in the East and to initiates of the Great White Brotherhood throughout the world. As the flame of Gautama encompasses the earth, all of life receives his blessing, including angels, elementals, and souls walking the path of individual Christhood.

Note: Connect with the free video Violet Flame decrees for elementals and the world!

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