Violet Flame – An Ancient Healing Tool

Violet Flame – An Ancient Healing Tool

Disease in the body isn’t just caused by germs. More and more we are learning that mental, emotional and spiritual states can greatly influence our health. If something in our lives is out of balance, our physical well-being is at risk. This is where the Violet Flame can help.

Violet Flame for Spiritual Healing

Perhaps you have been in several troublesome relationships, or have a profound sadness gnawing at your heart, or maybe you experience a deep and elusive fear that comes from nowhere. We now know that if these situations persist, you have a strong likelihood of becoming ill.

For centuries, Eastern and Western spiritual adepts have used a secret tool to promote positive, healing energy. Called the violet flame, it is an invisible, spiritual energy that appears violet to those who have developed their spiritual vision. It is not necessary to actually see the violet flame for it to work.

For those who know how to use it, the violet flame changes negative energy into positive, which makes it an effective tool for healing.  And, just about anyone can learn how to use it to improve any aspect of life.

Sacred Adventure Series – Violet Flame for Healing Training

Specific training on how to use the violet flame to heal the body, mind and spirit is featured in The Sacred Adventure Series from Summit University Press. The Spiritual Quest (Book 1) and Meeting the Masters (Book 2) are easy home study courses for individuals or small groups. Included is a CD with guided meditations using the violet flame, color visualizations, exercises, powerful tools and practical applications.

If earth is a schoolroom, as new-agers and sagacious ones of old suggest, then where is the study course?

The Sacred Adventures Series provides one promising possibility. The series shows how to use the violet flame, this high-frequency spiritual energy, to create balance and bring about positive change in your life and in someone else's life.

The home study course provides practical techniques for eliminating troublesome behavior and habits that can bring you down or impact your family in a negative way. Also included are suggestions on how to direct the violet flame into situations and conditions outside of oneself.

Five Ways to Use the Violet Flame:

1. Revitalize a personal relationship or heal non-forgiveness by visualizing the violet flame around both of you.

2. Direct the violet light into any physical condition that needs healing, visualizing the violet flame all around the cause.

3. Saturate all aspects of an upcoming meeting at work: see the people, the agenda and the outcomes all radiating with violet light and recite a violet flame mantra for the event.

4. See your household, your neighborhood, the town where you live, the nation, even the entire planet saturated in violet flame while giving a simple violet flame decree.

5. Watch the news on television and as the images of war and disaster flash on your screen, see them inundated in violet flame and give a violet flame decree directing it into that event for the best outcome possible in any situation.

Violet Flame Decree

Try reciting this violet flame decree as you visualize the situation you desire to impact:

Violet Fire, thou Love divine,
Blaze within this heart of mine!
Thou art Mercy forever true,
Keep me always in tune with you (3x)

Violet Flame Mantras

Examples of how to direct the violet light into specific conditions by repeating a mantra:
•       I AM a being of violet fire, I AM the purity God desires.

•       Justin is a being of violet fire, Justin is the purity God desires.

•       Amanda is a being of violet fire, Amanda is the purity God desires.

•       Baghdad is a city of violet fire, Baghdad is the purity God desires.

•       My kidney is an organ of violet fire, my kidney is the purity God desires.

To make it appealing, the Sacred Adventure Series is divided into two parts and covers such topics as your divine origin, karma (the good, the bad and the balanced), reincarnation, the ascension and soul travel to help you heal at night while you sleep.

If you don’t have time for a study course, there is the small Summit Lighthouse pocket guide Violet Flame to Heal Body, Mind and Soul that includes true stories about the violet flame and suggestions for ways to use it in your life—from healing the tiniest cell to impacting world affairs.

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