Violet Flame and the Secret Rays

Violet Flame and the Secret Rays

This excerpt on the violet flame is from Lanello's 1986 address, Mysteries of the Violet Flame in the Heart of Buddha published in Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 29 No. 36.

Blessed ones, your heart must determine the day of Victory. Your heart can know the shortening of the days, but it must enter more intense spirals of the violet flame.

Now I will tell you, beloved, a secret of secrets and it is so. The violet flame has the quality of permeation and penetration of all substance, of all rays, even to the heart of the secret rays of all of the seven rays.

Now hear this. The violet flame is the means, it is the carrier — the means of conveyance of thy soul into the rings of the secret rays. Now you will understand why Masters have implored you and directed you to give more violet fire. You will understand why Godfre and Lotus so stressed the violet flame, why the retreat of Lord Zadkiel of the violet flame is the retreat of priests of the Order of Melchizedek.

It is because, beloved, the very special work in the Aquarian age of your souls perfecting and balancing the seventh-ray ritual in all of the seven rays can be accomplished only as you are so surrounded in spirals of violet flame that you pass through, literally, the walls separating each of the secret rays, almost as if you [were to] pass through the walls of a building or a planet or any matter substance, and beyond Matter cosmos the congruency of the Spirit cosmos. The violet flame is the means of conveyance from one heaven to the next, one octave to the next — not only of conveyance but the very conveyance itself of initiation, initiation by Maitreya.

Thus, beloved, you have erected a fortress of light by your many calls. Keep it saturated with violet flame and yourselves as well, and you shall see what wonders and miracles and alchemy of the Spirit will come to you, enhancing your ability also to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the three-times-three one by one.

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