Violet Flame Chakra Meditation

Using the Violet Flame to Clear Your Chakras

With Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Elizabeth Clare Prophet teaches and demonstrates a violet flame chakra meditation.

Learn how to use the violet flame to purify your chakras. Dissolve human and karmic substance trapped within your atoms and molecules.

Visualize the violet flame at the cellular level, of karma lodging in the cells, molecules and atoms of your being as flecks of dust, soot or crystalized substance that has a negative vibration. That is exactly how karma clogs our beings, our bodies, the earth, the water and the air. That is why we get burdened and our vibrations go down.

The definition of vibration, by the way, is the rate of the spin of the electron around the atoms of your being. This is covered in the first Keeper of the Flame lesson. What happens is that the density of our consciousness, because it God's light we're misqualifing, it accumulates as fine dust or smog between those wide open spaces of the electrons. So the elctrons slow down. They can't pass through as easily. The rate of that revolution of the electron around the nucleus determines the your personal vibration.

The more you have light and the violet flame, the more you accelerate, the more you have energy, there is a new joy in your life because the electrons themselves are enjoying that cosmic spin you are giving them.

You can compare that substance between the electrons to molassas or asphalt hardened or like a log in the fireplace.

If you look at an image of the chakras, see where those chakras are in your body. Where they are in your body means that if you have problems in that area of the body, you are dealing with the karma you have made on that ray which corresponds to that chakra.

If you can restore balance in your physical body, the physical body and atoms can contain more light. Therefore you have strength and balance physically to carry more light in your chakras. So this is a very physical path of self mastery.

The Violet Flame Mantra of Saint Germain

“I AM a being of violet fire, I AM the purity God desires!”

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