Violet Flame Visualizations for Japan

Give a violet flame decree while visualizing the violet flame sealing and healing Japan from the earthquake and tsunami.


Violet Flame Healing for Japan

Violet Flame Decree, “O, Violet Flame, Come Violet Flame”


O Violet Flame, come, Violet Flame,
Now blaze and blaze and blaze!
O Violet Flame, come, Violet Flame,
To raise and raise and raise!


(Repeat verse between the following endings:)


1. The earth and all thereon (3x)
2. The children and their teachers (3x)
3. The plants and elemental creatures (3x)
4. The air, the sea, the land (3x)
5. Make all to understand (3x)
6. Bless all by Omri-Tas’ hand (3x)
7. I AM, I AM, I AM the fullness of God’s Plan fulfilled right now and forever (3x)

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