Your I AM Presence Is God Within

Your I AM Presence Is God Within You.

With Elizabeth Clare Prophet


Jesus tells Thomas, “The Kingdom is inside of you.”


And Jesus told me many years ago when you see that word kingdom in scripture it means “consciousness.” The consciousness of God “is inside of you, and it is outside of you. When you come to know yourselves, then you will be known.”


When you come to know that God is in you and you realize that God, you will be known for that light “and you will realize that you are the sons of the living Father.”  You are now the sons of the living Father, you don't have to get somewhere from here to be that son. That is your native identity.


The apostle Paul was a Gnostic. I want you to know that. Gnostic is the Greek word meaning “knowledge.” These are the early Christians that sought self-knowledge, self-realization. Saint Paul spoke of us as being inheritors of the same Universal Christ. He said, “You are joint-heirs with Christ,” joint-heirs of that light.


It is your inheritance. It's been sealed in a foreign bank account with no number, and you could never get at it because they wouldn't give you the number and the formula and the key to that box.


In the New Age the key to that I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self gives you the authority to make an affirmation, to call forth angels and to direct that light, not just because it's positive thinking but because God is in you.


With one fell swoop this revelation wipes away thousands of years of world condemnation heaped upon us. Whether by orthodoxy or by fallen angels who have gone to persecute the Lightbearers in the earth, who have desired to convince us by philosophy, by doctrine, by all manner of cunning logic they have devised for us that we are miserable sinners and we can never rise to our pure God-estate.


Another Gnostic text, The Gospel of Philip, describes the follower of Jesus who walks fully in his footsteps and is “no longer a Christian but a Christ.” That is the reason you follow the Master.


What does Christ mean? It is also from a Greek word Christos , meaning “anointed one.” A Christ is one who is anointed with the light of his I AM Presence and that universal Son of God.

Jesus promised this and it's in the Book of John. He said, “Those who will love me and obey me and keep my commandments, the Father and the Son will take up their abode in him.”


I AM Presence chart, the Real SelfSo this lower body in the Chart of the I AM Presence is a vessel. That is what the quest of the Holy Grail is about.


The knights would go forth and defend the people against their oppressors. They would slay dragons and defy witches and absolutely come home champions against every nefarious force.


That was the self-emptying of the subconscious of the not-self, the quest. When it is self-emptied and when we challenge the forces externally on behalf of others, then we are ready as a vessel to receive that great light. We become the Holy Grail by this process.


This one who is “no longer a Christian but a Christ,” of him Jesus tells Philip, “You saw something of that place and you became those things. You saw the Spirit, you became spirit.” You see the Spirit of the I AM THAT I AM above you, you will become that spirit because your soul is a mirror, a mirror right here below facing the higher octaves.


And what is reflected in that mirror is what you see with your third eye, and when you see God and you know that is a divine reality pulsating in all four dimensions and more, you see as Jesus says, “You saw Christ, you became Christ. You saw the Father, you shall become Father.”


In this place here in illusion you see everything and do not see yourself, he says.  You do not see your Real Self. But when you are in that Higher Consciousness, in that place, you do see yourself and what you see you shall become. Again, as Above, so below.
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