Using Breathing Techniques With The Science Of The Spoken Word

Using Breathing Techniques With The Science Of The Spoken Word

Mastering the Art and Science of the Spoken Word

The breath and the mind are connected. By consciously controlling your breathing, you can calm and focus your mind and enter higher states of consciousness.

The slow, rhythmic breathing that accompanies chanting and repetitive prayer may be partly responsible for its beneficial physical effects.

Breathing Techniques for Decreeing

  1. Before you start your decree session, take a slow, deep breath, center in your heart and visualize yourself under your I AM Presence.
  2. Blow all of the air out of your lungs, then breathe in again slowly visualizing the Spirit of God to entering your body as scintillating white light.

You may wish to say Om or I AM THAT I AM slowly and in one breath before you begin your session.

As you decree, keep your breathing slow and rhythmic. Decrees are rhythmic by nature and have natural breathing places in them, just like in songs. Be aware of the “break points” and don't let yourself get out of breath.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet pointed out that these break points in the decrees are the places for the Holy Spirit to enter in.

In this way, the rhythm of your breathing works with the rhythm of the decree to help draw down the maximum amount of Light from your I AM Presence.

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