Uncertain World: How To Feel Safe and Secure…and More

Uncertain World: How To Feel Safe and Secure…and More

How do you feel safe and secure in an uncertain world? Learn how to spiritually conquer fear, relieve anxiety, uncertainty and more… In these online radio shows, hosts Terry Canady and Thom Schumacher explore a variety of personal spiritual topics in a down-to-earth and practical way.

The Open Door presents the teachings of the ascended masters, offering an opportunity for spiritual seekers everywhere to come up higher, embrace a journey of soul liberation, graduate from Earth’s schoolroom and ultimately return home to the heart of God

The podcasts of our internet radio shows are archived for future listening and available as an MP3 download at the VoiceAmerica™ website, (also on iTunes and via RSS).

These podcasts on the teachings of the ascended masters are 6o minutes each.

The Open Door Radio Show—The Internet Voice for The Summit Lighthouse.



How to Feel Safe and Secure in an Uncertain World

Much of the world seems to teeter on the brink of chaos. But though the future may sometimes seem bleak and full of uncertainty, there is hope.  Listen now, download for later, or get on iTunes: here.

There is NO Injustice in the Universe

It is up to us to choose how we will handle whatever we experience in life, because what we experience was first set in motion by our own actions in this—and past—lifetimes. These repeated opportunities demonstrate the mercy of God in providing us with the means to be restored to His heart through the Ascension. Listen now, download for later, or get on iTunes: here.

Conquering Death

Immortality.  It is a spiritual-material science—one that has remained closely guarded by mystery school adepts for thousands of years.  Not everything can be revealed—but the keys are available for those who seek them. Listen now, download for later, or get on iTunes: here.

 Weekly: Tune in Live

Tuesdays at noon and midnight (MST) on The Open Door Radio Show at the VoiceAmerica™ website

Do You Have a Question?

We answer questions about the ascended masters teachings. Email us: WebRadio@TSL.org

*Violet Flame Disclaimer:
No guarantee whatsoever is made that the spiritual system of the science of the spoken Word, including the use of the violet flame, through meditation, visualization or dynamic decrees, will yield successful results. The functioning of Cosmic law is a direct experience between the individual and his own Higher Consciousness.  Karma and Divine Providence must be the final arbiter of each one's application of the sacred fire. We can only witness to our personal healing—body, mind and soul— through the use of the suggested mantras and spiritual disciplines. Each man may prove or disprove the Law for himself. The practice and proof of the Science of Being rests with the individual. No one can do it for another. (These spiritual techniques do not replace medical treatment.)

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