Tuning In to El Morya

Tuning In to El Morya

This post is from El Morya's November 28, 1958 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 1 No. 16.

From the windows of my retreat here in Darjeeling I have a beautiful view of the scintillating Himalayan snows upon the crests of the majestic peaks nearby; and yet because of the temperate climate, it is possible to view the parade of the four seasons through the year. And so, as I look out upon the beauties of Nature that surround my lovely home on every side, I often think of you, individually and collectively, as you experience Nature’s variation of expression, climatic or otherwise.

Do you know that it is easier for you to tune in to my consciousness than it is for you to tune in to your radio or television set? You see, to connect with me you have but to turn your attention to me from wherever you are. Is that not simple and easy of accomplishment?

So as the coming months will give my gracious readers more time to spend indoors, I trust that you will fully utilize winter’s opportunity to study these beneficent laws and crystal-clear truths that we have been presenting to you, as Paul also admonished: “Study to show thyself approved unto God…”

Ask God each day that, for that day, only the divine plan of your lifestream will manifest; then by turning your attention to him, learn from God how you can easily and quickly fulfill that divine plan.

Just think what an activity of cosmic purpose is expressed each year by the tiny seed in its own setting. Can you not do at least as much, having through the threefold flame anchored right within your beating heart all of God that is required for you to produce this victory as your harvest of the hours and lifetimes spent in his service?

May your own beloved, beautiful I AM Presence illumine you quickly, each one, as to the real meaning of the will of God that I AM in action all ways!

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