Develop the Threefold Flame and a Virtue

Develop the Threefold Flame and a Virtue

Development of the Threefold Flame

And I call to your attention these selections of songs and decrees, all concentrating on the development of the threefold flame.1 For a flame is a chalice of consciousness.

When you speak about the Christ consciousness, you are speaking about the quality of the flame of Christ embodied individually by each and every disciple. Therefore, you might say the flavor of each one’s personal Christ consciousness is a little bit different according to the accent, the accentuation, and the acceleration by free will of certain virtues of that personal Christ.

But all must hold in balance the trinity of power, wisdom, and love. By that trinity you will have the foundation to sustain whatever quality of God you deem most important, most worthy, most necessary in your lifestream, in your world, in your cosmic ovoid–that you hold that flame and hold that vibration come what may, so that you are always contributing this color in the stained-glass window of life for all the world.

Develop One Quality, One Virtue

For the very purposes of self-discipline, I recommend that you select one quality of God–almost any quality. And then remem­ber it, study it, look it up, see wherever it is spoken of or taught about by the masters in all of their teachings and in the sacred scriptures East and West, see how the saints have embodied that quality, and make yourself a living master of that single flame. Blessed ones, whether it be faith or hope or charity or compassion, harmony, vision, the rectitude of the law, I pray that you balance that quality with the threefold flame, for only thereby can it come into the full flowering of its inherent potential.

When you think of Archangel Michael, you immediately think of the flame of faith. Now faith, when first thought of, seems to be a very simple quality and a simple vibration. And you may say, “Well, I have faith. That is very easy.” But when you think again of the ramifications of that single quality, when you think of electrons and atoms that hold the very foundation of skyscrapers, or the white-fire core holding the magnet of Earth planet, when you think of the winds and you think of the stars, the nucleus of faith is the very principle that sustains the Matter universe.

You can understand, therefore, how an archangel would mul­ti­ply and amplify the single quality of faith until it includes, by its very completeness, every other quality of the will of God, every other quality of the wisdom of God, every other quality of the love of God and all of the seven rays and mighty Cosmos’ secret rays! Realize that any single quality of the archangels and the archeiai is the open door to Cosmic Christ consciousness. By faith, therefore, master science, master religion, master healing and the healing arts, master the path of architecture, master engineering.

So, on and on and on you can see, whether it is faith or hope or charity, whether it is love in its purest essence, whether it is the fire of compassion, you will understand that virtue, as a flame of living purity, is a fragment of life, is a dewdrop, is a sunbeam itself through which all of the consciousness of God may be viewed.

Your Virtue as Your Perfect Note

I commend you to the keeping of a single virtue; for you see, when you try to play too many pieces on the piano, you wind up not playing any one to perfection. We desire to have a single note of perfection struck by each and every one of you.

Now, some of you have enjoyed the game of playing songs with bottles filled at varying levels of water, so that in an entire song it is yours to play only one note. And it is important that your note comes in on time. And with the sacred fire breath and the perfect poising of the lips, you have the perfect flow of air to make the perfect sound. Thus, you become the instrument of the note–not by the mere presence of the level of the water, but by the technique of using your own four lower bodies and free will for the sounding of the sound to the rhythm of the whole.

This is a very good exercise for the little children to understand the meaning of community, the interdependency of all life, for it builds to a cosmic interdependence of the entire hierarchy of the Great White Brotherhood and enables the little child to understand how necessary is the single note. For when it is not played, there is simply a space, a vacuum instead of a decision to be and to be whole and to be manifest.

Self-Mastery Is Not a Private Affair

Now, it is not enough to make the decision to be whole. It is necessary that one decide to be whole within the context of every other person’s wholeness. For we have no value except against the backdrop of the infinite expression of Elohim of God! Look all around you. Look at the mighty strength in each individual in this room. If each individual could find that strength and accelerate it and make his mark in life, in the Spirit/Matter cosmos, by the power of the threefold flame, its wisdom, and its love, you would see unascended masters freely walking within this community.

Therefore, man, woman, and child: Know thyself, and know that the development of thy individual self-mastery is not a private affair. It is that note that must be struck for the chord of the whole mystical body of God, as the Church Universal and Triumphant, to sound the sound of the incoming great golden age.

This article is an excerpt from Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 25 No. 40 by the Elohim Cyclopea (October 3, 1982).

1. During the service preceding this dictation, the messenger led the congregation in songs and invocations, including song 797 God’s Real in Me, song 30 Call to the Threefold Flame, song 29 (decree 30.02) Introit to the Holy Christ Flame, song 42 O Cosmic Christs of Other Spheres, and song 357 Beloved Cyclopea and Virginia.

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