Thanksgiving – Comfort Ye My People!

Thanksgiving – Comfort Ye My People!

Thanksgiving Message from Jesus Christ

For Thanksgiving, we share this Pearl of Wisdom® from our Beloved Jesus Christ, Thanksgiving – Comfort Ye My People! – an ascended master dictation through the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

I, Jesus, Prophesy the Certain Day of Your Victory

My rod and my scepter I place in the earth upon this hallowed ground made sacred by the fervent hearts of all who have gone before you, beloved, in a path of immersion in Christ.

Lo! I AM come and I walk the earth in search of the Lightbearer, in search of the one who will not be content until he does bear the All, the allness of the Light, not content with half a cup or lesser measure, not content to leave room in that cup for the vacuum of emptiness.

Beloved, earth is hallowed by the feet of those who see the goal of Christhood and do not shirk their responsibility to pursue it. Love not the world, then, for the love of the world begets retention of the not-self. If there is no longer love for the finite condition, for the body of death that is mortal, then none of those things that can be added to it as adornment will have any pull or tug upon thy soul.

To be content in the Light is peace, and it is the peace which passeth the understanding of the world but is the full understanding of the Keeper of the Flame. Therefore, beloved, those who give their lives to the Cause of Freedom and can do so fully, joyously, contentedly, are those in whom the Flame of Comfort burns. The Comfort Flame is the Flame of the Holy Spirit.

Comfort ye my people, then, with enlightenment, with the watch, with the warning. Comfort ye my people with the clap, with the thunder and with the rejoicing that God does descend into the temple of Light and raise the Light and increase the Light.

If you have nothing in the Day of His Appearing, then wherefore shall he multiply thy light? Yet there is no condition of nothingness in the human spirit, for there is that something of the not-self that does occupy when you yourself do not occupy until I AM come within you as the I AM THAT I AM.

Verily, verily, I say unto you that my rod and my scepter in this seat of government shall be a rod that is a rallying point for those who love the laws of God and His will codified in human governments and human institutions. My rod shall be the point of judgment, a repellent unto the seed of the wicked, and it shall blind them on occasion until they are not able to see the way in which to carry out their wickedness.

Therefore, so raise up your own rod, beloved. Let the rod be this sacred fire blazing upon the altar of your being—yourself being a rod by the quickening power of Alpha and Omega which I gladly convey to you according to your portion.

Magnet of the Heart

Have you a magnet of the heart? So know that in this instant I open my heart and you receive from me, your Jesus, that which you are able to magnetize by a light that you have so cherished beyond all else, that in this moment of my coming your reward is with you and my reward is my joy that some have understood the Call and have responded with the Call.*

The Call of heaven one with the Call of earth, meeting at the point of the Universal Christ and His Mediatorship, does give much to the hosts of Light in vanquishing the forces of Darkness.

Until you did call to Michael the Archangel this day there was surely the upheaval of the forces of Darkness who did not desire to have spoken by the power of my mantle the message of the ultimate defeat of the dweller on the threshold within you and within planet earth.

I mark this place and I tell you, this has been the sounding of the death knell of the dark forces, and the fruition of that message spoken to you shall be by your word one with my own.

Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Who, pray tell? Not the dweller, not that counterfeit spirit, for you have seen it for what it is. Now you have but to slay it by the Word, by the Call to the Archangels and to stand steadfast as they do bind the Evil and release the Good.

How swift is the descent of God-Good within the temple of the one who not alone in word and vow but in staunchest deed has shown proof to the Almighty that he will stand and still stand, that he will stand and still stand, that he will stand and still stand!

I come to you, for you have arrived at the gate of my heart. So in your presence a statement is made. Therefore I say to you in the words of the Archangel through the prophet, Comfort ye, comfort ye, comfort ye my people!

Raise up your voices, O ye gates! Raise up your voices in praise and thanksgiving!

I bow to the Light of the heart of my beloved Saint Germain, my father, my friend, my prophet, my true brother. Therefore, in Saint Germain I am grateful in this hour for the saving of a nation unto their demonstration of the law of individual and universal Christhood.

May you have a place for me at this supper of Thanksgiving.

By the sign of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, we conquer time and space.

Published in the Pearls of Wisdom®  vol. 30 no. 79 – Beloved Jesus Christ, December 18, 1987. This dictation was delivered by Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 1987, at the Capital Hilton, Washington, D.C.

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