Spoken Prayer Is More Effective Than Silent Prayer

Spoken Prayer Is More Effective Than Silent Prayer

Genesis tells us that God began the process of creation with the spoken Word. He said, “Let there be light,” and the universe began.

Is Sound So Powerful?

We know it can be a dramatic destructive force—the high-pitched note that shatters a wineglass, the sonic boom that cracks plaster, the gunshot that sets off an avalanche.

But sound is also a constructive force, as doctors and health practitioners are discovering every day.

Ultrasound (high-pitched sound waves) is being used for everything from cleaning wounds to diagnosing tumors to pulverizing kidney stones. Someday it may even be used to inject drugs into the body, making needles obsolete.

Scientists are now researching sound's impact on the brain. Certain kinds of classical music, like Bach, Mozart and Beethoven, have a range of positive effects, including temporarily raising IQ, expanding memory and speed learning.

Some alternative medical practitioners are experimenting with using specific tones to heal the organs.

Other researchers are looking at the effects of some of the sounds that originate in the human voice box—prayer and chanting.

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