A Scientific Plan for Individual Victory

A Scientific Plan for Individual Victory

This spiritual exercise from Saint Germain is excerpted from the dictation A Scientific Plan for Individual Victory published in the Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 34 No. 64 .

Yes, beloved, all things are possible to you in God. Therefore “get right with God,” as they say. Establish the plumb line of Truth.

Determine that you shall be wed to your Holy Christ Self by a certain day and date and set a reasonable timetable for yourself. Then call for the initiations of Jesus Christ and ask that you might be made his very personal disciple and that he might anoint you this night. Set yourself to the task of rooting out, plucking out, line by line and hair by hair, every point that is out of alignment with that Christ-potential within you.

If you are determined and absolutely determined on this Path and you will not take a backward step but pass every test, I, Saint Germain, assure you that you can make rapid strides in the internal harmony of being and in the great fount of Love that wells up within you, even as a gift of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to you. (And I assure you) that you are (now) able to achieve that bonding much more quickly than you have anticipated.

Most individuals do not have more than five seriously bad habits in their worlds. You should isolate what you consider to be five (negative) practices or habits, character traits or momentums that you notice are repetitive in your life.

Isolate them. Go after them. Call to the Five Dhyani Buddhas (to help you)! Call to Mighty Cosmos’ five secret rays (to help you)! Go after the eradication of those points, beloved, perhaps points of density or ignorance or slothfulness or untidiness or unkindness, et cetera, et cetera.

When you begin to analyze yourself and set a chart before yourself and write down when you pass or fail your tests, when you will go about this systematically as a grocery packer checks off that which he is packing, as the simplest of workingmen does keep account of what he has accomplished on an assembly line or in any place of work whatsoever–when you look at the spiritual path in these terms, you will find that it is possible (to tackle this) task with practicality, setting up systems for yourself and reminders (so that you can whittle away at the dead and dying momentums of your human consciousness).

This is the way I like to see Keepers of the Flame approach the path of the Seventh Ray, for it is a path of science and alchemy and the ritual of the cosmos and the ritual of the priesthood of Melchizedek. And divine ritual, beloved, contains within it the formula (for its completion) from the beginning unto the ending.

I do not like to see you drift idly as the clouds, allowing your consciousness to float hither and yon and not being tethered to the words that we speak to you and not being tethered to the action that must follow in order for us to speak again.

We are precise. We use an economy of words and an economy of energy though we have the entire cosmos at our disposal. Therefore, practice the economy of life and fit into your day those disciplines whereby you feel your mind becoming like steel, you feel the sharper-than-the-two-edged sword in your midst and the dividing of the way of the Real from the Unreal.

Set yourself to the task of self-observation. Close your eyes and meditate and take a moment apart, even apart from your body, to look upon yourself as though you were another person. Observe yourself as others observe you. And if you are not able to do this so well, then ask others how they see you or ask to be taken to the Cave of Symbols or to the Royal Teton Retreat, where you may look upon yourself in the cosmic mirror under the guidance of myself or others of the Ascended Masters who shall tutor you.

Ask and you shall receive! Ask anything that will enable you to be a better servant of God, indeed a selfless servant.

Blessed ones, we are eager to help, for we have much at stake. In many past ages we have pledged our Causal Bodies, our momentums of Light and all that we are to your victory. The possibility of the loss of that victory, therefore, does translate to us as a certain loss of our own invested capital, so to speak, that we have taken from our Causal Bodies and invested in the Lightbearers of the earth.

When you make good on our investment, beloved, I can assure you that we share with you the cosmic returns, and with those returns you may sponsor others and also increase in your own self-mastery.

It is an age of science and nothing can be said to be more scientific than the plan that must be laid by each individual to secure the victory in his individual life and for his nation and for the planet.

*Note: Parenthetical material denotes words unspoken yet implicit in the dictation, added by the Messenger under Saint Germain’s direction for clarity in the written word.

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