Saint John of the Cross – The Living Flame of Love

Saint John of the Cross – The Living Flame of Love

The Living Flame of Love, by Saint John of the Cross, is a powerful poem spoken by a rare spirit inwardly transformed by the fire of divine love. Though only four stanzas, this sublime and compelling message illumines our passage through the labyrinth of personal karma and prepares us for the Divine Encounter.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet Teaches on Saint John of the Cross

Living Flame of Love

The mysticism of the saints is not the everyday teaching that is taught by the Catholic Church.  Unless you are very zealous, you may not discover this teaching.

In his Ascension Day Address 1981, the Ascended Master Jesus the Christ commented about the importance of studying Elizabeth Clare Prophet's teaching on Saint John of the Cross' mystical writing.

Blessed hearts, I commend you to the study of the intricate explanations which I inspired upon Saint John of the Cross concerning this poem of the bride and the Bridegroom.  Each line and each word has a profound meaning for the understanding of thy path on earth.

The perfect love and the way of love is the way of the example whereby, through the consummate love of your own Beloved, you then manifest my own ascension flame.

Though I personally may not receive you fully until the hour of the ascension, the union of your soul with your Christ Self will be the example to all of the path of the ascension and of the ruby ray.

Teresa of Avila understood and experienced this path, as did John.

Most blessed hearts, listen then to the teachings of your own messenger on the writings of Saint John of the Cross already recorded and then pursue this perfect love and, ultimately, this perfect marriage.  It is the sign of the ascending ones.

It will not extinguish you, I promise. But it will give to you joy unspeakable, joy so intense that only perfect silence can contain it! For the secrets of love in the interior castle are truly the very crystallization of Spirit in Matter whereby, through the weight of your devotion, you anchor upon earth such an intense love for God.

Ascended Master Jesus Christ, May 28, 1981, on Ascension Hill, Camelot, California through the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

This ascended master dictation is published in its entirety on the MP3 album, Open the Door of Your Heart to the Living Flame of Love, Saint John of the Cross, taught by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

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