Saint Germain, Help me now!

Saint Germain, Help me now!

This excerpt with a call to Saint Germain is from The Pillar of Violet Flame published in the 1987 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 30 No. 6.

For this day I can give only that which the Law allows for each life­stream—that which you are able to receive. Blessed ones, it is an increment of light that will not hurt you but will help you. And thus, the governing action of the Cosmic Christ allows only that which the body can receive and yet remain in balance to take place.

Therefore, my beloved—those who have known me forever, those who only recently have made my acquaintance—I tell you that I took the name Saint Germain, for it means “holy brother.” May you think of me always as your friend and brother on the Path. And may you know that I may not enter your world to intercede for you unless you call my name in the name of God and ask.

Therefore, say it to me any hour of the day or night—“In the name of Almighty God, Saint Germain, help me now!” I promise you that an Electronic Presence of myself shall be at your side with the speed of light.

And if you desire to increase your capacity to receive my assistance, then take up the calls to the violet flame and see how your aura will actually turn a violet color so that friends may see it and feel the impact of the Seventh Ray.

When your aura is so charged, beloved, I may then enter it and repolarize your very physical form to the light of God that never fails, to the inner blueprint and the image of Christ in which ye are made!

From the beginning unto the ending, I AM Saint Germain, one with the Keepers of the Flame worldwide. O beloved, let me help you! Receive me now as your friend forever.

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