Pursue the Path to Attainment

Pursue the Path to Attainment

A Letter from Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Elizabeth Clare Prophet wrote this letter as the Introduction to the last book in the Climb the Highest Mountain series, Path to Attainment, Volume 9. It was published in 2008, the 50th anniversary of The Summit Lighthouse.

To Those Who Would Pursue the Path to Attainment


“One of the mighty angels John the Revelator encountered gave him a little book. The angel commanded him to “take it, and eat it up; and it shall make thy belly bitter, but it shall be in thy mouth sweet as honey.” The volume you hold in your hand is such a book.

“It is a discourse on cosmic law set down in words that will bring to you the sweetness of divine illumination as you “eat it up.” For in your exposure to the Law is found a sense of great joy and great sweetness of God consciousness. But when you begin to digest the Law, a chemicalization begins wherein darkness becomes Light.

“The Light's encounter with the darkness of past karma is like the contact of two incompatible chemicals that produces an explosion. Darkness cannot contain Light, and therefore it is transformed. It is like turning a light switch on or off in a closed room. There is either light or darkness, but they don’t occupy the same space.

“During the years that I worked with Mark on the volumes of the Climb the Highest Mountain series, I would sit in my meditation room at La Tourelle in Colorado Springs and Messengers of God would come to bring scrolls of concepts that showed how they wanted them outlined in various chapters. The revelations were given, and they were so high that sometimes I would groan because of the influx of the concept and the consciousness of the Masters upon my consciousness.

“On many occasions, I had to say to the Messenger of God, ‘This is all I can take for today. I can't take any more.' And I experienced this bitterness in the belly, the chemicalization of Truth in my consciousness.

“My state of attunement had to be very, very high to be able to stand in the presence of Cosmic Beings delivering their outlines for this [Climb the Highest Mountain] series, which is intended to be scripture for the new age. It was like the experience of John on the Isle of Patmos, when the angel of Jesus came to him and he was transported to a very high state of consciousness. And yet even when John, in this high state of consciousness, took in the concentrated energies of the little book, they exploded. And that bitterness began to transform his whole being.

Purpose of Climb the Highest Mountain series


“The purpose of this [Climb the Highest Mountain] series is to bring you to the level of attunement at which these revelations were made to me and to Mark. It is not merely to pass on

to you intellectual knowledge. You can go up the mountain and sit down and read these books as the Everlasting Gospel, and you'll have the knowledge they contain.

“But my goal is for your consciousness to be raised so that you will have the same experiences that we had when we received the revelation.

“Emerson says to go beyond a book's form to the essence behind it when he asserts: ‘Talent alone can not make a writer. There must be a man behind the book; a personality …pledged to the doctrines there set forth…. If there be [not] God's word in the man,—what care we how adroit, how fluent, how brilliant he is?'

“The man behind these books is the hidden man of the heart, the Universal Christ, who will not leave you as he finds you.

“The receipt of this series into Mark's and my consciousness demanded total sacrifice, total selflessness, total surrender of our personal lives, a laying down of our lives for the Masters. And we are dedicated to continuing this service in your behalf.

“We want you to know that as you read the Climb the Highest Mountain series, you can call to God and our Higher Self for understanding, for the integration of the Light into your being.

“We will be with you at inner levels. We will use the authority of our office to assist you in your spiritual quest. The wise reader will understand that the Path is both simple and complex. The simple truths of life ingrained in every heart and mind are keys to a vast compendium of knowledge that the LORD has hidden from the worldly-wise and made known to the pure in heart.

“Thus continual study and a guileless application to one's Higher Self (the Christ within) are prerequisites to assimilating life’s sweetest and most sacred mysteries.

Mysteries of the Ancient of Days

“These are the mysteries of the Ancient of Days, who has promised to write his laws in our inward parts so that all might know him, from the least unto the greatest. And this he has done. Even so, many find it difficult to clearly understand the Law of their being. Its subtleties are inscrutable, because the Law is written in a language that is inaccessible to those who will read only outer signs and symbols where an inner sense (a holy innocence) is required.

“But what, then, of those who are caught between the dark and the daylight? What of those who would touch the hem of the Master's garment and enter into the kingdom, yet they cannot because they see not? These need signposts along the way to guide them until they can hear the sound of his voice and the rustle of his robes.

“As Messengers of the Great White Brotherhood, Mark and I have dedicated ourselves to creating those signposts, and many are included in this series. These teachings are calculated to lead seekers into the Promised Land of their own God-free being. Through this knowledge and the assistance of the Ascended Masters that accompanies the worded expression, the reader is offered a grander vision and a lifeline of hope in an age of crisis.

“The Truth we present in this series is given in the tradition of progressive revelation. As one by one, students go unto their Father (the Presence of God within), greater revelations will be added unto them. It is our great desire that the keys in these [Climb the Highest Mountain] volumes lay the foundation for a Golden Age that will come because the students of Ascended Master Law incorporate these keys into their lives.

“When mankind en masse learn the higher way of living, of praying, and of invoking Light—practicing the sacred science —they will resurrect the cultures of civilizations that existed 300,000 to 500,000 years ago and even longer. And they will discover the secrets of health, longevity, alchemical precipitation—the mastery of the physical universe. But most important, they will also have dominion in spiritual realms and learn the way of the immortals.

“The Truth we set forth herein [Climb the Highest Mountain series] is the Truth of the ages, the laws whereby the universes were framed. This is the Truth that is locked in the memory of the atoms and cells that compose the earth’s crust and the being of man. This is the Truth that every soul knows. But without proper training and education it has remained lost, lying dormant just beneath the surface of the mind until it is brought to the fore by contact with the Light and renewed by the Teachers, the Ascended Masters, who stand waiting in the wings, ready to disclose the missing pieces to the puzzle of life.

“All that man requires to complete his evolution and fulfill his divine plan will be revealed to him through the indwelling Christ, the indwelling Buddha and the memory of the soul awakened, quickened and mobilized by the Heavenly Hosts.

Secure the Mastery of Self

“Nothing will be withheld from those who diligently pursue the knowledge of the Law of Life. Man’s fulfillment lies in the desire to be more of God, more of his higher consciousness, more of Life.

“As Naaman the Syrian was required to dip into the river Jordan seven times to be healed of his leprosy, so we ask that those desiring a transformation of consciousness—a healing of body, mind and soul—immerse themselves in the Light of the Seven Spirits of God that permeates these pages that they might receive their momentum of God-awareness, the momentum of Elohim.

“In so doing, realize that reading this book (like all experience in the planes of Matter) is a means to an end, not an end in itself. The goal is God consciousness, which is always in turn a means to another end: greater God consciousness.  For God is always growing, and you are a catalyst that fosters that growth even while your God Presence fructifies unfolding grace on earth.

“As you read, we would have you hear the whispers of the universe in heart and mind, brood with the Great Spirit over the rites of creation, cast yourself in the cosmic drama reenacting the ritual of a cosmos, a rose, a cell, an idea. Involve yourself in Reality and thereby secure the mastery of self, of destiny.

“As Messengers for the spiritual Hierarchy, we have been commissioned to speak the unspeakable, to utter the unutterable, and to set forth in writing what no man has written. Ours is to make plain in earthly tongue what heretofore has been penned in the tongues of angels, to make clear the precepts of love.

“Your new-found freedom will come not only from the formed but from the unformed as well, not just from what is said but from what remains unsaid. For words are but cups into which the mind and heart must pour the substance of experience and devotion, the distillations of soul-knowing and the formulations that are idling just beneath the surface of awareness waiting to be energized by the Christ mind.

“The spinning wheel of life conspires so marvelously to produce the flax, so gossamer and filmy, that will one day become a garment of solar radiance, a garment of attainment.

“This wedding garment you will then wear as living devotion and love's perfect shield against all delusion, confusion and misunderstanding.

“May you open the door of your heart to a renewal of your life in the alchemical furnace of He who loves you most. And may the angels from the realms of glory sit on your shoulder as you pursue these words and ever guide you into the Truth you seek.”

“In service to God in you,
Mark and Elizabeth Prophet
Messengers of the Masters”

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