Prophecy – The Gift of the Future

Prophecy – The Gift of the Future

“As we together write the first chapters of the twenty-first century we are still searching for answers to many questions,” said Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

“Will the prophecies concerning war, earth changes and plagues come to pass?

“Will we find ourselves in chaos as a result of a global economy in flux?

“Will terrorism become even more of a threat?

“Will we discover cures for diseases like cancer and AIDS, or will they continue to snuff out promising lives?

“As technology accelerates, will our society become irreparably split into an elite of technological haves and an underclass of technological have-nots?

“Some who claim to read the pages of our future history are prophets of doom and gloom. Others see only the potential for a bright new world.

I believe we must look at the future as realists. I see the handwriting on the wall, but I also see a unique solution to our dilemma that can help us turn the new millennium into a golden age.

“We will not be writing on a clean white page as we begin this new era. We will bring with us our past. Every day, in big ways and small, we are reaping the consequences of our past. The new millennium will be no different. The circumstances of our lives will be the result of our past actions—our karma.

prophecy AlchemistProphecy is, in fact, a sneak preview of the karma that will be returning to our doorstep for resolution. The prophets see where we are headed as a result of events we have set in motion, and they warn us of what’s coming up if we don’t change course. And therein lies the key.

“Heaven has allowed the prophets a rare glimpse of what the future may hold so that we can transmute our negatives before the handwriting in our book of life becomes an indelible record and we reap the full consequences of our actions.

“Simply put, prophecy is mercy. Prophecy is opportunity. Prophecy is not set in stone. While the first decades of the new millennium bring the potential for momentous shifts in consciousness that are both promising and progressive, we may still have to travel over some choppy water to get there.

“I firmly believe that in the face of any and all negative predictions, we the people of earth—applying our highest wisdom and our deepest compassion, our material resources and our practical spirituality—can make these prophecies fail.”

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