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Pearls Plus app for iPhones and Android phonesSearch through all the online Pearls of Wisdom from your cell phone anytime, anywhere! Every precious Pearl of Wisdom® published between 1958 and 2017 is now online and ready for you to search, study and savor.

Search Over 3,000 Pearls of Wisdom!

The Pearls Plus app includes advanced search features, so you can easily research your area of interest in the teachings. Find out what the ascended masters' or the archangels' perspective on the issues of our times at the click of a button. Choose to search by year, by master or by topic. It’s up to you.

“Since, I finally got an iPhone and gave up my Android, I have been reading more Pearls of Wisdom via Pearls Plus than I can remember in any period of time before on the Path. It's amazing how technology, when used correctly, can accelerate things! I think it's really helped me a lot to feel closer to the Masters and integrate the teachings more and more. I also feel the Masters are tangibly directing me to certain teachings.” – CH

Pearls Plus is an app whose time has come! You now have your personal online library of over 3,000 Pearls of Wisdom.

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