The Nativity of the Christ within the Soul

The Nativity of the Christ within the Soul

This excerpt on the nativity within your soul is from the Pearl of Wisdom by Jesus Christ published in the 1968 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 11 No. 51.

The greater the humility in the soul, the greater the possibility that an individual will achieve within a given lifespan.

When John the Baptist came preceding my mission he said of me, “He must increase, but I must decrease.” This is the way for man to attain—to decrease the power of the personality and the ego, to diminish its aspects within the individual realm, and to increase the power of the Christ, of the light, and of the universal consciousness so that the tender threads of divine reality, of soul reality, can be spliced with the aspirations of the lower self. Men and women often do not take into account the fact that when they are reconnected to the regenerative powers of the universe, there is a healing period during which the fragile connecting skeins can easily be sundered once again.

In the early day of the soul’s awakening to its divine reality, it must be carefully cherished and the contact revered. Unless this be done the fragile nature of the contact, once broken, can plunge the soul headlong into darkness. I urge upon all, then, the maintaining of the divine sense, the sense of spiritual gratitude for each opportunity afforded the soul to expand, the sense of contact with the spiritual hierarchy, and the sense of unity of the many souls involved in serving the Godhead upon the planet. Whereas all are not the head and all are not the feet and the members of my body are many, there is a pervading sense of unity that runs throughout the whole, that flows into the universe and comforts each part with the comfort of the head.

I remain and I stand through the ages as the advocate of the Father’s love. I make real to men, who could not otherwise see, the things of the Spirit. I open the eyes of the blind. I heal all the diseases of men. I remain the advocate for both simple and wise, and to each I give the needed grace for his freedom. The earth needs strong men—men who, having consciousness and life, will understand that that consciousness and that life are doorways, membranes between the highest octaves and the earth over which can be conveyed the messages of those educators of the Spirit who will teach and mold the soul until it is able to develop such a sense of overpowering victory that no human circumstance can conspire to take its crown.

Whereas many rejoice at my nativity, the greatest rejoicing is the rejoicing of the nativity of the Christ within the soul of the individual. When an individual can feel the passions of the rebirth of the living Christ within the manger of his own heart, when he can feel the kindling of the divine flame there and realize that reintegration has begun, he will have taken a great step towards wholeness.

I come this year, as every year throughout the whole round of manifestation, to bring good cheer to the souls of men.

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