A Perpetual Rosary to Mother Mary

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Mother Mary Rosary Novena

The rosary to the blessed Mother is all-powerful. Devotion to her Immaculate Heart through the rosary is prescription for peace that can save our country.

The blessed Mother asked us to give a perpetual novena for the best possible outcome for national elections.

She said, “I ask for this perpetual novena to Immaculate Heart to be unbroken at least through the November elections in this nation. For, beloved, it is surely, surely an hour of the coming of the Great Darkness as pertains to those who shall lead, make policy, enact laws and legislation.
~ Pearls of Wisdom® Vol. 35 No. 34, Mother Mary

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The heavenly hosts await the energies we release in the giving of the rosary that they may in turn release their energy in concerted action on behalf of the children of God on earth. ~ Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Child's Rosary 1 John

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