Love of the Guru and Chela

Love of the Guru and Chela

Although twin flames assume every possible relationship in order to develop a love to it's fullest potential, the Guru-chela relationship is the most exalted of all. For through it the one who has attained Christ consciousness can draw their other half to God by the magnet of their love.

Twin Flames the love of guru and chelaThe Highest Love: Teacher and Student

The one who is farther along on the spiritual path becomes the teacher of their beloved. As a teacher, they are able to use the immense power of their love and essential oneness to accelerate the consciousness of their twin flame.

This was the case with Mark Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, twin flames who shared twelve years together in the Guru-chela relationship.

Mark trained Elizabeth for the role of messenger for the Great White Brotherhood. Together they were able to fulfill the mission of their twin flames by bringing forth the Brotherhood's teachings for the Aquarian age.

Mark and Elizabeth Prophet are an example of the eternal love of the Guru and the chela.

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