Know the Star-Fire Perfection

Know the Star-Fire Perfection

…of the Will of God

This post on the Will of God is excerpted from a recent Pearl of Wisdom (Vol. 61 No. 25) by El Morya. To recieve you Pearls of Wisdom subscriptions early each month – either printed or as EPUB files for any mobile device – go to Pearls of Wisdom subscriptions.

The will of God is a fire, a star-fire of perfection for which your soul yearns, for which there is a burning in heart and soul and mind that will not let you cease to strive for perfection until you attain that Star.

I AM the star-fire of direction for your life, for your energy, for your freedom from all fear and from the shrouds of doubt and darkness and the deceits and illusions of the carnal mind.

Cast them into the flame which I bear! For I come bearing a mighty torch of blue-flame power. It is a bower of light and love from my heart. And the diamond-shining mind of God sparkles now from Darjeeling, as the insignia of our retreat turns as a focus of the mind of God in the Great Hub.

I AM the exponent of the will of God! For I AM the ensouling of that will for all who serve on the ray of God’s will—the first ray of First Cause, of energies released within you.

See to it, then, that the energies which you release from chakras now purified are in the exact replica of the will of God that is the blueprint of life, the pattern of destiny that God has sealed within each of your star-fiery chakras.

Realize, then, that for every thought and every word and every action there is a divine blueprint, and that blueprint is held in the will of God.

There is no need to have unexpected manifestations of emotional turbulence. There is no need for unplanned activities. There is no need for a lack of precision in knowing the mind of God if you will first center your consciousness in the flame. And thereby you will be free from all derision of the carnal mind that would make a mockery of life and of your greatest moments of the sublime presence of the will of God.

Do you see, then, that by coming into the center of the awareness of the will of First Cause you can outsmart the effects of the dark denizens of astral mire?

Do you see, then, that it is wrong in the eyes of God to be a reactor to effects and that you must go to the will of First Cause, to the central manifestation of that will, and see to it that that will is released? And then you go forth to fulfill the plan according to the blueprint.

Find the Star-Fire of Perfection

causal body - star-fire of perfectionIt is folly to act without first knowing the blueprint of action! And if you cannot know the blueprint, then know this: that your Christ mind does ensoul that blueprint, that your I AM Presence ensouls that blueprint.

And therefore, if you are on a mission for the Brotherhood and you are, as it were, feeling your way out into the unknown, first know that, in the name of the Christ, your Higher Being and your Higher Self is showing you the way.

Thereby you find the star-fire of perfection at the end of the road.

The Genius of the Christ Mind

You know that you have arrived because of the genius of the Christ mind that is ever active, waking and sleeping, ready to lower into manifestation—in the outer mind, the inner world, the subtle world and the subconscious plane—every aspect of the consciousness of God that is necessary for an accurate assessment of events, for an accurate outpicturing of events in this plane.

After all, blessed ones, is not the activity of the outer consciousness the vanity of vanities? All is vanity! If it is vanity, then I say, why indulge in the human consciousness? Why take it seriously?

Why not realize that even human happiness and human sorrow represent the yin and the yang of a consciousness that is yet to be made permanent in the Christ?

Why not live in reality here and now? Why constantly be on the periphery of unreality, reacting to the events of unreality when you can be centered in the Christ and walk the earth as masters of time and space?

It is high time that the chelas of the light respond to this call to be centered in the will of God by going back to the cause behind every outer manifestation. Perceiving that cause, you can bring blessing to all of life. For in the midst of turmoil you can keep the flame because you see the vision.

And because you see the vision, you have compassion for those of a lesser state of consciousness who are out of phase with the blueprint.

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