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Ascended master Saint GermainThe Keepers of the Flame Fraternity is a non-denominational spiritual fraternity for men and women in the tradition of ancient spiritual orders.

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The ascended master Saint Germain founded the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity in Washington, D.C. in 1961 through the Messenger, Mark L. Prophet. It is composed of warriors of light who pledge to see this earth through to a golden age of freedom, peace and enlightenment by uniting to keep the flame of life.

Become a Keeper of the Flame!

What is ‘the flame' and why should you keep it?

The flame is that spiritual fire within your heart—a divine spark that is your own portion of Spirit. Key to your soul shedding its identification with the lesser self and reuniting with your Higher Self is the nurturing, developing and identifying with this flame.

Keepers of the Flame tend this fire by preserving and upholding the principles of freedom and the sacredness of life and by extending the flame to others who do not know that they have a divine spark.

You can be a member of another organization or church or a follower of another teacher or group and still be a Keeper of the Flame. It is simply a universal spiritual order.

It is an outer branch of the Great White Brotherhood composed of ascended masters along with souls on earth who desire to move our planet to a golden age of freedom, peace and enlightenment.

Join this group to establish and strengthen your connections with the ascended masters, your guardian angels, and like-minded brothers and sisters around the world!

Saint Germain and the Keepers of the Flame® Fraternity

As the founder of this spiritual order, Saint Germain is known as the Knight Commander. Saint Germain is our immortal friend who is determined to lead the earth into the golden age of Aquarius. He has been called the Master Alchemist who teaches us techniques whereby we can become divine alchemists. Using techniques, meditations, mantras and and that desire to realize your full spiritual potential, you can transform your life. Gain self-mastery by tending the threefold flame of life upon the altar in the secret chamber of your hearts. With that mastery, find greater control over yourself in trying circumstances – be the calm center in the storms life sends us.

In his lifetimes as Christopher Columbus, Sir Francis Bacon and the Comte de Saint Germain, he paved the way for the technological revolution and the greater awareness of personal freedom that occurred in the twentieth century. His soul ascended to God at the end of his embodiment as Francis Bacon in the seventeenth century.

If you feel the inner fire of the heart for this calling, please consider joining the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity. Spiritual seekers who desire to keep the flame of life on behalf of mankind can join this nondenominational fraternity and receive thirty-three monthly lessons providing graded instruction in cosmic law. When you join this fraternity, Saint Germain sponsors your path of spiritual initiation and promises to assist you heart-to-heart in your homeward journey.

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